9pax RI + OPS Homecooked Dinner on 12Mar2020

claypot chicken rice2

claypot chicken rice

song fish head3

meensi (aujeon) lime sour plum song fish head

dinner dishes

dinner dishes

made 9 dishes for 9pax RI + OPS bros dinner on 12.3.2020.^^

in lieu of my canceled kyushu trip and now canceled JB trip due to covid-19. sigh..

& LKY brought his legendary sio bak!

i made-

  1. claypot chicken rice
  2. meen si (taujeon) lime sour plum song fush head 松鱼头
  3. assam pork ribs (peranakan dish first time)
  4. salted fish steamed pork ribs
  5. 食之为鲜tofu prawns
  6. sambal sotong (peranakan dish first time)
  7. fried egg plant with chilli (peranakan dish first time)
  8. fried salted fish with heart of celery (my sis dish)
  9. thai basil wok fried mussels (unfortunately i overcooked this very tasty dish)

WM brought J’s beancurd sheet ginkyo nuts egg dessert
LCH brought cider
CCG as usual brought too many nonya kueh

after makan, we had birthday cake for CCG…

CCG – “Thanks to Andy and the Band of Brothers to come together to celebrate my BD… As usual , Andy took trouble to cook up an Andylicious meal of Claypot rice, pork ribs, tofu with prawns, steam fish, egg plants with chilli, salted minced pork, celery and then he surprised me with the BD cake… Thank you Band of Brothers. God bless”.

the band of bros certainly had a great time together, and not the first time…

this good fellowship for my primary school OPS bros and secondary RI bros who are quite acquainted.. unfortunately WT had running nose and being socially responsible, did not come..

we all had a great time together, good dishes and better company and fun. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy


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