Recipe = Prawn Alio Olio on 14Mar2020

prawn alio olio

prawn alio olio

made 1pax prawn alio olio at home on 14.3.2020. ^^

absolutely delicious, super tasty. 🙂

something really easy to do-

  1. brown some garlic cloves in olive oil, add cut chilli padi.
  2. off fire add tasty chicken stock and white wine, and reduced by 1/2 (amount of liquid depends amount of past..i use very little pasta maybe <80g).
  3. cook spaghetti 1min before time (in this case 7mins…actually i just look and try texture)
  4. add prawns to sauce, cook prawns just right, off fire, and add spaghetti, add 15g butter and toss,


simple delicious dish.

c.h.e.f andy


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