Recipe = Very Good Sliced Garoupa Briased Beehoon Good Poached Garoupa Soup on 5Apr2020

poached garoup fish broth

poached garoupa fish broth

poached garoupa with crispy rice in seafood lobster broth

poached garoupa with crispy rice in seafood lobster broth

had superb poached red garoupa crispy rice in seafood broth at xi yan recently (above 2 photos),

so decided to try my hands on 5.4.2020 (top photo). ^^

tiger garoupa

tiger garoupa

i had a tiger garoupa.

decided to fillet it and uses the head and bones to make the broth. ^^

for the poached garoup, since it is going to cook in boiling broth, i cut it very thin, so i did when the fish is still 1/2 defrost.

sliced garoupa beehoon2

sliced garoupa braised beehoon

i needed only about 1/3 fish so decided to use remaining 2/3 to cook slice garoupa braised beehoon as well. ^^

poached garoup fish broth2

poached garoup fish broth

my fish broth is very tasty, ok it’s not lobster seafood broth like xiyan. 🙂

i fried the fish head and bones with lots of sliced ginger and chopped garlic, then added chinese cabbage stems, salt and then water and boiled and reduced for 3hrs.

very tasty broth!

when serving i placed the thinly sliced garoupa in a large bowl and poured in the boiling fish broth.


it’s tasty but far far from the xiyan poached red garoupa with crispy rice in lobster seafood broth.

my tiger garoupa is NOT red garoupa. fish broth is NOT lobster seafood broth which i can approximate with prawns heads and shells broth added to the fish broth.

but crispy rice? too risky for me to dry and deepfry cooked rice, can’t think of a proxy yet-deepfried pasta or beehoon?

maybe my broken angel hair which i used to approx fiduea? don’t know may try…

the sliced garoupa beehoon though was very good though a residual dish lol!

my fish broth very tasty so just fry cut chilli padi, chopped garlic, add chinese cabbage leaves, oyster sauce, add fish broth and reduce, add beehoon and sliced garoupa so beehoon infused the broth and garoupa cooked while reducing broth.

only need to make sure by experience and agaklogy that the amount of broth is good for the amount of beehoon, so beehoon is very tasty and very moist not dry, fish is cooked and broth is reduced just enough.

c.h.e.f andy



Recipe = Very Tasty 1/2 Truffle Sauce Roast Chicken on 3Apr2020

1/2 truffle sauce roast chicken

1/2 truffle sauce roast chicken

1/2 truffle sauce roast chicken

1/2 truffle sauce roast chicken

had really nice black truffle roast chicken at xi yan recently (above photos),

so decided to try my hands on 3.4.2020 (top photos). ^^

roast truffle half chicken2

1/2 truffle sauce roast chicken

i decided to test just 1/2 chicken,

so i try out on 4pax RI bros lunch on 3.4.2020.^^

my recipe very simple below.


salt 1/2 chicken 2hrs in fridge, wash clean & dry
place thinly sliced garlic from 3 cloves under skin
mixed 1tbsp truffle sauce 1tbsp extra virgin olive oil..spread under skin..

place on rack & oven roast 20 mins at 175degC plus 15mins at 250degC

chicken was very tasty & flavourful, but cannot replicate xiyan’s truffle chicken flavours. i guess my truffle sauce cannot replicate the real thing..

for my preparation, i think the truffle sauce & good extra virgin olive oil were very important (even though cannot match the real thing); but also

the salt preparation made a big plus contribution to the flavour.

c.h.e.f andy

First Truffle Chicken 4pax RI Bros Lunch on 3Apr2020

1/2 truffle sauce roast chicken

1/2 truffle sauce roast chicken

made 4pax lunch with CCG, LKY, LKH on 3.4.2020.^^

  1. sausage claypot rice
  2. 1/2 truffle sauce chicken
  3. oven roasted rack of ribs
  4. stirfried broccoli

claypot rice & ribs excellent

truffle chicken first try..flavourful need more truffle sauce..

timing 20 mins 175degC 15mins 250degC
salt chicken 2hrs wash & dry
place sliced garlic under skin
mixed 1tbsp truffle sauce 1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil..spread under skin..

c.h.e.f andy

Best Dinner Experience @ 8picure on 31Mar2020

uni pasta

uni pasta

lobster pasta

lobster pasta

spicy tuna salsa with prawn crackers

spicy tuna salsa with prawn crackers

japanese ohmi A4 wagyu

japanese ohmi A5 wagyu

wife bought 6pax family dinner @ 8picure on 31.3.2020.^^

this our recent new year eve pleasure dining at 8picure-

wanted to support chef gabriel lee in this covid environment…also we came a few times but have not tried the uni pasta..

anyway this turned out to be our best dinner experience!

i want to say best dining experience. ambience is pleasant; food and service and conversation with chef gariel lee were just w/o question the best!

we loved every dish.

spicy tuna salsa really, really is NOT japanese wagyu…many good restaurant can make good japanese wagyu given the ingredients…not sure who can make this spicy tuna salsa equivalent?

spanish roast pork excellent! & chef gave us a huge serving…

uni pasta was incredible, very sweet & creamy at S$38 serving…order only comes in on tues and fri.

lobster pasta good 👍 lobster very tender & sweet..that’s not a given, some places can mess up lobster…

lamb was tops, with almost no gamey taste at all…

ohmi A5 wagyu was fantastic..melt in the mouth👍👍👍

dessert were soooo good..tiramisu best here, coconut panna cotta children like best, plus a chocolaty semi frozen dessert ….

c.h.e.f andy

P.S. with covid and now semi-lockdown, chef gabriel has started takeout orders…we will order soon



Delicious Sumptuous 6pax Birthday Dinner for WM @ Xiyan on 30Mar2020

roast truffle chicken2

roast black truffle chicken

poached garoupa with crispy rice in seafood lobster broth

poached garoupa with crispy rice in seafood lobster broth

J bought delicious sumptuous 6pax birthday dinner for hubby WM @ xiyan on 30.3.2020.^^

i like every dish👍

especially –

the truffle roast chicken..quite excellent!….i may try that ..

& the poached red garoupa with lobster stock with crispy rice..excellent too. the crispy rice adding to the texture of the dish…this I definitely can do..very tasty broth and thinly sliced red garoupa…but w/o the deepfried rice..what to replace this item? got to think..

smoked salmon was good not salty, parma ham flavour, nice salad ok..

worster sauce stewed pork rib was tender, sweet (too sweet for wife ok for me), very good standard…something i might do not a special dish…

kailan was good ok…

mochi was good, ginger soup too strong, cutting 抢for me…

bomb alaska complimentary ice cream cake was good…salted egg pumpkin flavour interesting.

c.h.e.f andy