Best Dinner Experience @ 8picure on 31Mar2020

uni pasta

uni pasta

lobster pasta

lobster pasta

spicy tuna salsa with prawn crackers

spicy tuna salsa with prawn crackers

japanese ohmi A4 wagyu

japanese ohmi A5 wagyu

wife bought 6pax family dinner @ 8picure on 31.3.2020.^^

this our recent new year eve pleasure dining at 8picure-

wanted to support chef gabriel lee in this covid environment…also we came a few times but have not tried the uni pasta..

anyway this turned out to be our best dinner experience!

i want to say best dining experience. ambience is pleasant; food and service and conversation with chef gariel lee were just w/o question the best!

we loved every dish.

spicy tuna salsa really, really is NOT japanese wagyu…many good restaurant can make good japanese wagyu given the ingredients…not sure who can make this spicy tuna salsa equivalent?

spanish roast pork excellent! & chef gave us a huge serving…

uni pasta was incredible, very sweet & creamy at S$38 serving…order only comes in on tues and fri.

lobster pasta good 👍 lobster very tender & sweet..that’s not a given, some places can mess up lobster…

lamb was tops, with almost no gamey taste at all…

ohmi A5 wagyu was fantastic..melt in the mouth👍👍👍

dessert were soooo good..tiramisu best here, coconut panna cotta children like best, plus a chocolaty semi frozen dessert ….

c.h.e.f andy

P.S. with covid and now semi-lockdown, chef gabriel has started takeout orders…we will order soon



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