Delicious Sumptuous 6pax Birthday Dinner for WM @ Xiyan on 30Mar2020

roast truffle chicken2

roast black truffle chicken

poached garoupa with crispy rice in seafood lobster broth

poached garoupa with crispy rice in seafood lobster broth

J bought delicious sumptuous 6pax birthday dinner for hubby WM @ xiyan on 30.3.2020.^^

i like every dish👍

especially –

the truffle roast chicken..quite excellent!….i may try that ..

& the poached red garoupa with lobster stock with crispy rice..excellent too. the crispy rice adding to the texture of the dish…this I definitely can do..very tasty broth and thinly sliced red garoupa…but w/o the deepfried rice..what to replace this item? got to think..

smoked salmon was good not salty, parma ham flavour, nice salad ok..

worster sauce stewed pork rib was tender, sweet (too sweet for wife ok for me), very good standard…something i might do not a special dish…

kailan was good ok…

mochi was good, ginger soup too strong, cutting 抢for me…

bomb alaska complimentary ice cream cake was good…salted egg pumpkin flavour interesting.

c.h.e.f andy


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