Very Good Grilled Fish @ Riverside Grilled Fish on 23Mar2020

重庆烤鱼excellent grilled fish

重庆烤鱼excellent grilled fish

OPS bro bought 4pax early birthday lunch for WM@ riverside grilled fish B1 raffles city on 23.3.2020.^^

there was a S$28 重庆烤鱼promotion include 2 drinks & 2 rice.

also S$12 promotion- there are like 8 selection ..we ordered 口水鸡 and 牛腩 braised beef belly..this the best 牛腩i had in singapore! 👍👍

口水鸡 tender & must be taken with a bit of chilli oil to taste the flavour.

the main attraction is the 香辣重庆烤鱼..there are choice of like 7 flavours..we choose 香辣

they use patin instead of the usual seabass & patin my favourite fish la! this dish really excellent motakting!👍👍👍

HC added luncheon meat which was really nice soaked in chilli & taukee bean curd skin..also added roti prata & noodles..both were excellent infused with chilli oil..

there was no tempearture taking but server gave us alcohol cleanser to clean our hands..the covid ready chopsticks & spoon came in a plastic bag (sterilised???) ….we do our part using serving chopsticks & spoon.

there is big seating only 2 tables later on added a <10% natural distancing la!

we came 2.30pm offpeak. HC said lunch time anout 30%-40% full..

lunch with all the promotions about S$80 for 4pax..really shiok satisfying lunch.

we had the birthday cake for WM..a soft light chocolate cake great texture from chataraise clementi mall…

after that we went to toastbox..this almost constantly full capacity hard to achieve physical distancing even with X markings..

c.h.e.f andy


daily 11am–10pm

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