Recipe = The Best Fresh Prime Ribs Bakuteh on 27Mar2020

fall off the bone

fall off the bone fresh prime ribs bakuteh


ilc bkt spices

fresh prime ribs bkt4

fresh prime ribs bakuteh

made fresh prime ribs bakuteh on 27.3.2020.^^

bakuteh is so easy to do, one of the easiest dish to make anytime at home la…

i like ilc bkt spices…also don’t mind tai seng kong…but still most preferred ilc.

it is like guaranteed good, as good as any of the good bkt out there really.

i used frozen prime ribs too, but there is a difference so i sometimes use fresh prime ribs which cost double like S$21.95/kg.

one important tip is to get the prime ribs with fat marbling. for fresh prime ribs, i get the smaller ends and make sure it has fat layers and marbling stripes…not the thick end which is very meaty.  for frozen ribs, quite easy to pick, get same fat layering and stripes and the slightly thicker ones not down to the bones…the difference here is that the frozen ribs are not like the huge thick pieces fresh prime ribs, so the thicker ones still thinner than the thin ends of the fresh ribs.

cooking is straight forward-

  1. cut ribs (700g-1kg). blanch in boiling water, wash and clean.
  2. boil 1.5l water, add the ilc spice packet (i used the 30g for 1kg meat packet here), and 1 whole bulb garlic, peeled or if lazy no need peel, cook for 1hr 15mins
  3. and basically that’s it!

i like my ribs falling off the bones but still with bite, so i do about 1 hr 10-15mins not more. if prefer softer then 1.5hrs.

really very shiok!

c.h.e.f andy

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