Really Enjoyable 4pax RI Bros Home Dinner on 7Mar2019

4pax RI bros home dinner

CCG birthday this week and he was free for dinner.

4 of us (NCL, LKY, CCG, me) had a small home meal at my place on 7.3.2019. ^^

i made a few dishes-

1 hk ateamed garoupa
2 garlic hk steamed sotong
3 braised wine chicken with potatoes & carrots
4 char siew
5 fried broccoli

hk steamed fish

hk steamed fish

i bought a tiger garoupa, the cheapest type, from sheng shiong. it was S$7.50/kg so just S$4.30 for the near 600g garoupa.

usually tiger garoupa not so sweet and tasty like red garoupa which is much more fine.

this evening it turned out beautifully, very fragrant hk steamed from the light soy sauce and actually the flesh was quite fine and sweet. this was NCL best dish for the evening.

garlic hk steamed sotong

garlic hk steamed sotong

we had recently taken several times hk steamed sotong and lala at-

  1. crab at bay on 11.2.2109; and
  2. 7th miles seafood on 26.2.2019.

it is really a simple dish to do, no preparation almost, just hk steamed and heaped with chopped garlic.

the sauce was fantastic, basically the same as garlic steamed razor clams 蒜蓉蒸, really perfect with the tender squid and perfect with plain rice. 🙂

char siew

char siew

char siew

char siew

i recently kind of perfected my char siew recipe

and i did again this evening. very good.

CCG happily “tasted” the char siew before dinner. some tasting portion lol! 🙂

braised wine chicken with potatoes and carrots

braised wine chicken with potatoes and carrots

the braised wine chicken with potatoes and carrots was excellent this evening.

this a dish i cooked for teban gardens often. usually for the 140pax at TG i used 2kg – 3kg frozen boneless legs.

of course today i used fresh 1/2 deboned chicken. the braise was excellent and nicely reduced, and the chicken and potatoes were timed perfectly so very tender and tasty chicken and just the right “mouthfeel” for the potatoes.

fried broccoli

broccoli was the usual, simple fried just oyster sauce and slight crunchy texture which all my friends loved.

braised wine chicekn with potatoes and carrots

braised wine chicekn with potatoes and carrots

hk steamed fish

5 dishes for 4pax

dinner was really simple, as i only had to cook the chicken dish. fish and sotong steamed on the spot and fried broccoli too. and char siew was marinated 2 days in the chiller and grilled in the oven for 16+4mins at 4pm. so not much to do.

recently we had a bigger 10pax RI bros dinner on 21.2.2019.

i didn’t get to hear CCG share much as i was in the kitchen for a few dishes. this time we had lots of time to share and chit chat.

a most wonderful evening with close friends.

c.h.e.f andy


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