Family Homecooked 7pax Dinner on 28Feb2019

family 7pax homecooked dinner

daughter wanted to eat at home on 28.2.2019. 🙂

aunty bes was cooking this 7pax dinner..wife made ribeye steak.

family 7pax homecooked dinner

i had 1/2 chicken in the chiller so decided to make chicken rice chicken 白斩鸡.

my grilled pork ribs

and i wanted to experiment grilled pork ribs.

it turned out quite beautifully. i was quite sure the texture would be great…i did 180degC for 1hr 40mins and 250degC for 20mins.

i wasn’t sure if my marinade would be ok.. i used 2 tbsp mustard, 1 tbsp honey, 1 tbsp olive oil, and rubbed sea salt, black pepper and sprinkled dry parsley and rosemary…

it turned out quite tasty. son said nice a few times. maybe i will try less herb and just a tad more honey. mustard was great!

my 白斩鸡

my 白斩鸡 was the usual, nice, not my best but good enough with the chilli and the sauce dip.

wife’s ribeye steak

wife’s ribeye steak was great especially over japanese rice, like donburi. 🙂

aunty bes sambal pranws

and aunty bes made a tasty sambal prawns. she cooked all the other dishes this evening.

cuttlefish kang kong

and cuttlefish kang kong.

grilled brussel sprouts

we all love brussel sprouts.

prawn omelette

and wife’s prawn omelette recipe, which aunty bes made this evening.

aunty bes lady fingers

and lady’s fingers. very good!

my grilled pork ribs

simple nice dinner.

enjoyable food and time together. youngest daughter coming back late so we kept food for her. 🙂

c.h.e.f quak

Great Zi Char Dishes – RI 14 Bros Lunch @ 7th Miles Seafood on 26Feb2019

roast duck S$36 for whole

today we had our regular meet-ups to celebrate the jan & feb birthdays of RI 14 bros on 26.2.2019. ^^

the organisers (nov/dec birthday boys TCH, HAB, YKK, LCM) arranged a 6miles walk at BTNR. after the hike we adjourned to lunch at 7th miles seafood.

roast duck S$36 for whole

the roast duck looked great, so we ordered.

it was very good! pang and great chilli..i will come back for this roast duck.

fish maw soup

fish maw soup

fish maw soup was good enough. quite tasty.

but not quite the standard of beng thin. beng thin’s fish maw soup is thicker and chokeful of ingredients. see the photo here on 31.10.2016.

this one here slightly more watery. still good by most zi char standard.

garlic steamed sotong

garlic steamed sotong

the garlic steamed sotong was an excellent dish.

basically it is HK steam ie light soy sauce based with loads of garlic on top. and the sotong was done just right, not like many places which overcook the sotong.

this a real simple dish. i will serve this at my next dinner. 🙂

HK steamed la la

lala also hk steamed.

this one was done well, not like the ones overcooked at crab at bay recently on 11.2.2019.

some friends said the sauce a bit salty. it is good for eating with plain rice, similar to steamed razor clam dishes.

hae choe

the hae choe was actually pretty good, crispy and the fillings were tasty.

it was a huge piece and S$2.50 per piece a tad expensive. of course many zi char would charge you S$8 or S$10 for 10 pieces maybe, which maybe not bigger than this one 4 pieces?


harjeongai was good!

crispy batter, good prawn paste flavours, chicken was tasty and not old, not overdone…


spinach was ordinary, actually not so good, a bit ”siap” and also tough.

i do a better dish anytime, lol!

crab beehoon – RI 14 bro zichar lunch

crab beehoon

crab beehoon was the signature dish here, the main item.

the organisers ordered 3 servings = S$224.

price wise it was not specially expensive as the crabs were large and 1kg+. if only the beehoon was good! crab was tasty, sweet, mostly thoink “strong”. somehow the beehoon was not well infused with the broth, a bit dry and not so tasty.

really, my own white beehoon is much more tasty than this la! mine had really intense stock and beehoon was fully infused and very tasty.

7th mile seafood zi char menu

S$475 for 14pax

dinner was S$475 for 14pax excluding the S$36 roast duck

crab beehoon

the 6miles walk was excellent, healthy, good air, good exercise.

this 7miles lunch a good and satisfying meal after the walk.

c.h.e.f andy


7th miles seafood


Sous Vide Black Onyx Ribeye Delicious Homecooked 7pax Dinner on 24Feb2019

buddha jump over the wall

wife home this morning from japan trip..

we had 7pax dinner.

wenyu made funghi pasta..very good! restaurant standard!

I made buddha jump over the was very good..wife children all loved it…JH had 3 bowls…

made also grilled scallops, a flamed belly pork with potato mash..the mash was really good….. wife children all loved it..

got a piece of bkack onyx boned in ribeye which CNM brought during cny get together..her niece brought from australia..

so i made flamed sous vide ribeye 👍👍👍

buddha jump over the wall

buddha jump over the wall

this time no pencai 盆菜.

so i packed all the good ingredients for the buddha jump over the wall 佛跳墙 = abalones, fish maw, sea cucumber, pig tendons, chicken breast and belly pork.

buddha jump over the wall

eveything was done to perfection – the fish maw, sea cucumber, belly pork, chicken breast all superb texture and tasty.

soup was trotters, belly pork, SKINLESS chicken whole leg base, gelatinous and sweet, very flavourful, so children topped up soup, and JH had 3 bowls. 🙂

will write up a recipe for this dish.

son’s funghi tagliatelle

son’s funghi tagliatelle

wen yu made a superb funghi tagliatelle, very tasty, perfect texture of pasta and beautiful mushrrom flavours.

i think i will do this dish for my dinners. 🙂

giant scallops and black onyx ribeye

i had giant scallops. decided to pangrilled and add some sides.

belly pork before flaming 

grilled scallops, flamed belly pork, veg and mash

i decided to make a mash…it was very good, everyone loved it. i just used one large potatoes will make more next time. will write up a separate recipe for this.

also added a flamed belly pork. the same belly pork i did for the buddha jump over the walk, braised in the stock 2hrs so very tender..then added seasalt, black pepper, olive oil adn drizzle with honey, then flamed. superb!

black onyx ribeye 

CNM brought black onyx ribeye from australia during the CNY day2 get together, so i decided to make reverse sear flamed sous vide ribeye.

flamed sous vide black onyx ribeye medium rare

this evening the ribeye piece was too large to pangrilled & flamed, so i flmed a bit more.

my sous vide machine 

sous vide black onyx ribeye medium rare

like last time i set to 53.5 degC medium rare for 2hrs.

flamed sous vide black onyx ribeye medium rare

flamed sous vide black onyx ribeye medium rare

flamed sous vide black onyx ribeye medium rare 

& the ribeye was beautiful..everyone loved it…

i think i will do it a bit just very slight more done less rare (say) 54.5degC next tiem to try out.

c.h.e.f andy

Curry Chicken and Potatoes – 84th Teban Gardens Community Breakfast on 1Mar2019

curry chicken and potatoes 

made curry chicken and potatoes for teban gardens community breakfast this morning on 1.3.2019.^^

this my 84th friday breakfast community meal dish at teban gardens community service centre.

i first started doing a community meal dish for teban gardens CSC on 8.1.2016.

the centre was started in 2002 after much effort & challenge by our RI friend who is a pastor of pasir panjang hill brethren church (pphbc) which owns & runs the CSC.

curry chicken

i cut 1/2 defrosted boneless chicken leg (drumstick + thigh), cleaned, drained and marinated with heng’s nonya curry chicken paste in the fridge overnight.

this morning i fried 3 twigs of curry leaves from my garden with a little oil, then added the marinated chicken pieces, fried thoroughly high fire, added one packet (200ml) coconut milk, mixed thoroughly, added 1/3 cup water and covered to cook = about 5 mins.

the removed the chicken pieces.


i added the cut potatoes and covered cooked about 9mins.

poked with chopsticks clean through and pressed against side of wok, just broke, tasted also so perfect texture la! 🙂

curry chicken and potatoes

added back the chicken, off fire and mixed thoroughly…

curry chicken and potatoes

curry chicken and potatoes

a simple and quite perfect dish.

curry chicken and potatoes

brother decided to join me again this morning, so i again packed a small portion for him to try.

as my brother commented – delicious!

c.h.e.f andy