Sumptuous Post CNY Homecooked 10pax Dinner for RI Bros on 21Feb2019

#2 pencai 盆菜

made 10pax dinner for RI bros this evening on 21.2.2019. ^^ 🙂

tai kor LCM helped organised the dinner.

LKH brought cheng tng 👍👍👍

CCG brought premium nuts.

LCM brought 4deg white wine.

TCH brought prunes and strawberries


1 piggy jump over the wall – fish maw, sea cucumber, pig trotters, belly pork, chicken

2 盆菜-prawns, broccoli, fish maw, sea cucumber, mushrooms, belly pork, abalones

3 hk steamed golden snapper (ang choe)

4 braised pig trotters & belly

5 salted egg prawns

6 braised scallop with leek

7 salted fish minced pork egg white fried rice

8 orh lua

i recently made the best pencai 盆菜 for CNY eve reunion dinner at my brother’s house, so thought of doing that this evening for my RI bros.

#1 piggy jump over the wall

and to experiment with buddha jump over the wall.

since i am already having pencai 盆菜, so i used cheaper ingredients like pig trotters and belly instead and called it “piggy jump over the wall”. lol!

#1 piggy jump over the wall

turned out that this (the soup) was the best dish.

i think at least one bro had 3 bowls of soup.

so i had trotters & a SKINLESS chicken leg (thigh plus drumstick) to provide a very sweet, tasty, gelatinous soup base, then added belly pork, fish maw, sea cucumber, chicken breast and each at the right timing to deliver great texture.

#1 piggy jump over the wall

a truly delightful dish.

#2 pencai 盆菜

#2 pencai 盆菜

this evening’s pencai 盆菜 was good enough. everyone loved this dish.

#2 pencai 盆菜

#2 pencai 盆菜

the fish maw, belly pork and mushrooms perfect texture and very well infused and tasty.

the gravy was not as good as what i served at my brother’s place on CNY eve.

#3 trotters and belly pork

#3 trotters and belly pork

the teochew braised trotters and belly pork was very good.

texture was perfect, gelatinous and the braise was very tasty.

#4 salted egg prawns

the first time i made salted egg prawns using my own sauce.

#4 salted egg prawns

prawns were done the same, coated with egg yoke and cornflour and shallow-fried for 1 min to golden.

#4 salted egg sauce

the last time, i used a ready made sauce. it (the sauce) was not that good even though the prawns were done well.

so this time i decided to make my own sauce. this evening i served 15 prawns, so i decided 3 salted egg yokes would be enough, and it was. so fried the salted egg yokes with 2 twigs of curry leaves and 1 cut chilli padi.

the salted egg prawn dish came out quite perfect, with great salted egg flavours and slight powdery texture, just right! 🙂

#5 scallops with leek

i did the scallops and leek dish. was going to use broccoli but already had broccoli for pencai 盆菜 so use leek instead. my friends said the leek really tasty.

#5 scallops

i used 20 large scallops.

#5 leeks

for the sauce i fried leek with oyster sauce and added intense chicken stock.

#6 HK steamed golden snapper (ang choe)

#6 HK steam golden snapper (ang choe)

for the golden snapper (ang choe), i decided to do the usual HK steamed.

fish was good, the flavours of the light soy sauce very fragrant.

#7 salted fish minced pork egg white fried rice

i made salted fish minced pork egg white fried rice. the colour and presentation very appetizing. more importantly wokhae was wonderful and teh salted fish flavours very pang!

i fried the the salted fish and minced prok first then added cooked rice high fire, mixed thoroughly and set aside.

when serving, i fried eg white (this time i used 5 egg whites), let it formed and then added the fried rice and folded in the egg whites. a lovely dish. i took 2 servings myself.

#8 orh lua – oyster omelette

and i made orh lua – oyster omelette. it was hawker standard? almost la.. still cannot quite compare. oyster and chilli was good, the crispy sweet potato flour quite ok.

LKH’s cheng tng

LKH’s cheng tng

CCG brought nuts

CCG brought nuts

TCH brought prunes


LKH brought cheng tng.

always good and especially this evening, not too sweet and combined very well with the dried persimon and melon. perfect la!

#! piggy jump over the wall

very satisfying evening for me.

the RI bros we had a great enjoyable evening together, and for me i had the opportunity to successfully deliver 2 new dishes (a very great satisfaction la!)=

  1. the buddha jump over the wall
  2. and the salted egg prawns.

for the bros also, the pencai 盆菜, egg white fried rice and orh lua were all new dishes.

a really fun evening! 🙂

c.h.e.f andy

Great Nasi Padang (CCG Bought 10pax Dinner) @ Rendervous Central on 18Feb2019

nasi padang dishes

CCG bought 10pax dinner @ rendervous central this evening on 18.2.2019

later LYF bought coffee at starbucks at the basement. & we bumped into chee meng. 🙂

nasi padang dishes

didn’t take nasi padang for a while, quite enjoyed the dishes. 🙂

beef rendang 

beef rendang is always good. 🙂

red chicken curry

red chicken curry 

i loved both the red and chicken curry.

reminded me of our favourite nasi padang at zion road. for a long while when children were young, we went there often and also tapao food for home parties, took a lot of gravy and next day threw in chicken to cook with the extra gravy. lol!

those were the days my friend!

(actually by comparison the 2 curries here nowhere near the previous zion road ones, which were very tasty & intense, very flavourful)!


brogedil also good.

sambal fish

sambal fish

and the fried ikan tengiri – batang fish my favourite too…

sayur lodeh

sayur lodeh

sayur lodeh so so…

tofu & long beans

bean curd and long beans good!


we had a really lovely dinner and of course rounded up with chendol.

gula melaka very sweet, maybe the coconut milk not thick enough. anywhere good enough.

after that we adjourned to starbucks downstairs, seeped coffee and chilled.

at first we had 9pax, then i asked CCG to call M, since his office just here, and he was celebrating lohei and CNY with his cell group of 4 charlie’s angels including my mei mei. so CCG galantly invited them as well. they were “shy” to take dinner so all had a chendol as well.

c.h.e.f andy





Braised Wine Chicken with Vegetables – 83rd Teban Gardens Community Breakfast on 22Feb2019

braised wine chicken with veg

made braised wine chicken with vegetables for teban gardens community breakfast this morning on 22.2.2019.^^

this my 83rd friday breakfast community meal dish at teban gardens community service centre.

i first started doing a community meal dish for teban gardens CSC on 8.1.2016.

the centre was started in 2002 after much effort & challenge by our RI friend who is a pastor of pasir panjang hill brethren church (pphbc) which owns & runs the CSC.

chicken with veg

this an easy dish.

i cut the 2kg LARS boneless chicken thighs while 1/2 defrost (very easy), cleaned with salt and drained in fridge, then marinated with my own wine chicken recipe = 2 tbsp fish sauce, 4 tbsp huatiao wine, 2 tbsp oyster sauce, 2tbsp corn flour.

cut carrots, onions and potatoes and kept in selaed container overnight in fridge.

braised wine chicken

braised wine chicken

next morning, fried chopped garlic with little oil, then added the chicken.

fried thoroughly, turned down to medium fir & covered to cook for 5mins (add little water if necessary).

then fried vegetables – carrots and onions first, added oyster sauce then cut potatoes cooked about 9mins. added the gravy from the chicken.

braised wine chicken with veg

braised wine chicken with veg

when potatoes just cooked ie a chopsticks go clean through, potato break when pressed against the wall, added back the chicken, off fire and mixed thoroughly

braised wine chicken with vegetables

braised wine chicken with veg

a beautiful dish, excellent tender succulent chicken and tasty sweet vegetables. 🙂

braised wine chicken with veg

my brother was joining me today to go deliver the breakfast dish to teban gardens.

i dished out a small portion for my brother to try. he loved it! said very delicious!

i think wine chicken is the best chicken dish, the chicken very tender and tasty, and the vegetables and sauces are simply  awesome.

c.h.e.f andy