Great Nasi Padang (CCG Bought 10pax Dinner) @ Rendervous Central on 18Feb2019

nasi padang dishes

CCG bought 10pax dinner @ rendervous central this evening on 18.2.2019

later LYF bought coffee at starbucks at the basement. & we bumped into chee meng. 🙂

nasi padang dishes

didn’t take nasi padang for a while, quite enjoyed the dishes. 🙂

beef rendang 

beef rendang is always good. 🙂

red chicken curry

red chicken curry 

i loved both the red and chicken curry.

reminded me of our favourite nasi padang at zion road. for a long while when children were young, we went there often and also tapao food for home parties, took a lot of gravy and next day threw in chicken to cook with the extra gravy. lol!

those were the days my friend!

(actually by comparison the 2 curries here nowhere near the previous zion road ones, which were very tasty & intense, very flavourful)!


brogedil also good.

sambal fish

sambal fish

and the fried ikan tengiri – batang fish my favourite too…

sayur lodeh

sayur lodeh

sayur lodeh so so…

tofu & long beans

bean curd and long beans good!


we had a really lovely dinner and of course rounded up with chendol.

gula melaka very sweet, maybe the coconut milk not thick enough. anywhere good enough.

after that we adjourned to starbucks downstairs, seeped coffee and chilled.

at first we had 9pax, then i asked CCG to call M, since his office just here, and he was celebrating lohei and CNY with his cell group of 4 charlie’s angels including my mei mei. so CCG galantly invited them as well. they were “shy” to take dinner so all had a chendol as well.

c.h.e.f andy





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