Good Value Thai Food with Eatigo Discounts @ Royal Thai Restaurant on 5Mar2019

S$20 tomyam talay

had 4pax family lunch with brother, sis & bil @ royal thai restaurant fairway drive on 5.3.2019. ^^

they have eatigo discounts = 50% off at 11.30am, which suited our timing quite well.

lunch came to S$45nett for 4pax 5 dishes, i should say very good value, though there were some serious failures.

4pax lunch with bro & sis

4pax lunch with bro & sis

problem with this place as with many reasonable food places, is that no business. we were the only table in the aircon room throughout.

there was another table at the al fresco seating outside.

S$20 tomyam talay

the S$20 tomyam talay (seafood) was as good as any. nice flavour soup, 3 large and fresh prawns, a lot of sotong and some fish.

at S$20 it was a good dish good serving and with 50% at S$10 it is unbeatbale anywhere. 🙂

tomyam talay

good stuff!

S$20 roast duck curry – inedible

unfortunately the roast duck curry was a disaster.

this is a special thai dish and very nice at top restaurants like patara and i thought it good for my bro and sis to try it.

here it was inedible really, some funny taste or herbs my brother commented. i was in 2 minds to reject the dish but we already took some each so i let it go. when i asked the server later when closing the bill if the duck was not fresh, she said ya the duck was not fresh!

S$20 fried beef with basil

the fried beef with basil was good. the usual thai style stir-fried beef, very good serving and the right taste, not special but entirely comptent and very good value after discounts.

S$14 salted fish with tow gay

S$12 fried kang kong

both the veg were good, and a fair size serving.

egg plant garden

they had nice vegetable garden at the back and also on a small plot by the side.

S$20 tomyam talay

we saw the table outside ordered green curry chicken which looked good, and fish. fish though at S$49 is i think overpriced. i would rather go to patara which also has eatigo 50% discounts at certain timing.

so if i come back here, i think the tomyam talay, basil beef and grren curry chicken are 3 ishes and cannot go wrong.

c.h.e.f andy