Crab at Bay CNY Celebrations Lunch for 12pax RI Bros on 11Feb2019

salted egg fish skin and veg

my RI bros organised a chinese new year celebrations lunch on 11.2.2019. ^^

they bought me lunch, a chef hat and apron and a framed signed message. 🙂

12 bros attended missing LKY & cheok mung..

KK conspirator in chief organised the lunch, WL suggested the apron & went for trial fitting 🙂with a perfect self-gratified chef smile, TC penned the grace & niceties, chong lee took photos & collected signatures 🙂 & all conspired to have a fun memorable & surprise lunch…

very honoured and most appreciative to have these close RI bros and treasured memories together.

thank you to my bros

very heartwarming, and also the same thank you message i have for my RI bros. 🙂


RI bros lohei

being chinese new year, we started with the traditional lohei! huat ah!

salted egg fish skin and veg

salted egg fish skin and veg

the salted egg fish skin was good.

these days lots of packet salted egg fish skin, not too great. this one was good!

the thai kailan also good. 🙂

hk steamed lala & tua tau

the hk steamed lala & tua tau good taste but overdone.

(we had our brotherhood lunch here also organised by KK on 28.12.2016).

hk steamed always very tasty, whether fish, baby squids of lalas, or in a similar preparation, garlic steamed raxor clams. 🙂

J & LCH thought dish was too heavy on the sauce & salty. for me, i think it was more that the clams were overdone so not as succulent.

fish maw soup

fish maw soup was good here, though cannot really match the really delicious fishmaw soup at beng thin.


deep-fried crayfish was good. not sure waht style but probably salt pepper 椒盐虾婆.

good, succulent, tasty dish.

brands essence froglegs

brands essence froglegs

surprisingly the brands essence froglegs was poor, not great taste. kind of unusual as this very easy dish and since they do the hk steamed sauce well, this should be a piece of cake.

poor c/w with many places, like (say) yalong bay brands esence froglegs on 10.7.2018 organised by LKH 

oyster egg

the oyster egg was quite poor as well.

egg was ok, zi char standard, any zi char can make a flavourful fried egg, the oysters were small, dry, overcooked.

pig trotters jelly

pig trotters jelly 

the pig trotters jelly was tasty though unusual preparation.

the trotters meat a bit falling apart, which is ok i guess for the jelly dish, for me not ideal. the jelly is tasty, but less bite.

potato leaves

the veg was nice, tasty, quite delicious. basically they should do these zi char dishes well here.

prawn dry horfun

the dry horfun had ok good enough wokhae. prawns were ok.

very thakful to have such wonderful thoughtful RI bros and while someone said it was an ambush, it was a most delightful and memorable lunch for me.

c.h.e.f andy


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