Wonderful Chinese New Year Day 2 Lunch for 29pax Family and Friends on 6Feb2019

CNY day2 29pax lunch

made 29pax chinese new year day2 lunch..

wife made cheng tng.。。aunty bes made very nice poached kailan with shitake, and fried romaine lettice-

i planned 12 dishes = cny day 2 lunch menu

1 白斩鸡 AND chicken rice
2 braised duck
3 braised belly pork & trotters
4 chilli bean paste pork soft bones

5 salted egg prawns
6 steamed salted fish minced pork
7 steamed seabass with spicy black bean sauce
8 steamed large golden snapper tail with nonya sauce
9 nonya chap chye – red fermented beancurd, stewed cabbage, beancurd skin, mushrooms, cloud fungus, tanhoon
10 poached hk kailan with shitake by aunty bes
11 fried romaine lettuce by aunty bes
12 scallops with poached broccoli

PLUS wife’s lohei & cheng tng.

19family plus 5 friends plus E, PT, Eli, and aunty BEs and another helper..

usually we have cny day2 dinner..this year wife arranged lunch so MM & B joined lunch as they always visit during this time🙂 NM HK & YZ came too…



wife bought 2 packets of lohei, very expensive from kuriya….

SL fashioned a pig for the CNY of the pig.

#! chicken rice

#1 chicken rice chicken 白斩鸡

everyone loved the chicken rice and poached chicken 白斩鸡. i prepared the chilli and also the drizzling sauce. chicken tasty and tender. very good.

#2 braised duck

braised duck always good, not my best today…

still very popular all finished.

#3 braised trotters and belly

#3 braised trotters and belly

braised trotters and belly were excellent. very tasty and perfect texture. 🙂

#4 steamed salted fish minced pork

steamed salted fish minced pork the comfort food everyone loves. 🙂

#5 spicy bean paste pork soft bones

aunty Bes favourite dish which we all like and Bes cooked often when children were younger. didn’t make for many years.

this time i made myself. it was nice great taste and pork soft bones were very tender. a lovely dish on its own really. i used 2 tbsp of the spicy bean paste 辣豆瓣酱, fried to bring out the flavours and and braised for 1hrs 15mins…

#6 salted egg prawn

salted egg prawns my second try and first time using this sauce which i bought at tiong bahru market.

i dipped the prawns in egg yoke and cornflour then deep-fried like 30sec each side in not too much oil about 2cm. it was beautiful!

the sauce i think ok but not great. still everyone loved the prawns. i think i will use salted egg yoke and make my own sauce next time.

#7 nonya steamed golden snapper tail

everyone loved the nonya steamed golden snapper tail…wife’s sis YS mentioned several times it’s tangy and tasty.

what they didn’t know was that the fish was caught by my OPS friend WT. it’s like a 2kg+ golden snapper and i cooked only the tail – too big…

#8 spicy black bean sauce steamed seabass

i cooked the seabass last, and some were already on to dessert.

J, Wife’s 1st nephew’s wife remarked that the sauce was nice too (this the same sauce i made for the popular song fish head dish). when comparing, the nonya sauce still came out tops.

#9 scalllops with broccoli

i had good chicken stock so this dish was very tasty.

#10 shitake and poached hk kailan

and everyone loved aunty bes’s poached hk kailan with shitake.

#11 nonya chap chye

i made nonya chap chye. had a bit of problem as i could not get the red fermented tofu even though i tried both sheng shiong at tanglin halt and at clementi ave 2. anyway i managed to get this morning at giant grandstand.

lunch was at 1pm and there were 12 dishes to plan, but i still managed to go out to giant and got the fermented tofu around 10am.

#12 fried romaine lettuce

aunty bes made also the fried romaine lettuce.

wife’s sis YS diet is vegetarian plus fish, so 3 vegetable dishes used only vegetarian oyster sauce.

#13 lotus seed ginkyo nut dessert

wife made very nice tongshui dessert.


and they brought nice fruits too.

#6 salted eg prawns

everyone including our friends enjoyed the food, and we had great time and fellowship.

c.h.e.f andy

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