Poor Tsukiji Fish Market 1 for 1 Wagyu Don Lunch Set on 7Mar2019

2pax lunch with godsis

had lunch with my godsis at tsujiki fish market L12 at orchard central on 7.3.2019. ^^

last time went to godsis housewarming 2 months back..didn’t sit down for a chat for a while..had a good time sharing…godsis was concerned with my god daughter too which i am not much in contact recently.

tsukiji fish market menu

tsujiki had various lunch set (above).

we decided to go with the chope 1 for 1 lunch sets.

ususally i would take the chirashi don, but since godsis doesn’t really take sashimi so we decided to have the beef set. the server recommended the S$39.80 Japanese Wagyu Yakiniku Jyu Yakiniku Beef on Rice in box which was also the most expensive.

S$39 grilled wagyu donburi set

the set came with salad, chawanmushi, potato salad, soup, pickles etc…but all these not important if the main dish beef not good la…

S$39 grilled wagyu donburi

unfortunately the wagyu beef was a disappointment!

some parts of the wagyu was tough! wagyu tough?

& it was not grilled, more like stir-fried.

even though 1 for 1 at S$39.80, meimei commented the heijoen wagyu yakiniku lunch set much better. indeed it was!

S$39 grilled wagyu donburi set

maybe we should have take the the yakiniku set but we were lazy to cook ourselves.

this wagyu donburi i absolutely DO NOT recommend.

c.h.e.f andy




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