Fine Dining Hotel Banquet Food Tasting @ South Beach Marriott Banquet on 23Feb2021

son had a 8pax food tasting at south beach marriott for the family on 23.2.2021.^^

food was fine and delicious! 🙂

must say it was well above expectation for hotel banquet food. very good standard indeed.

appetiser trio was good. wasabi mayo was light 7 the nicely glazed prawn looked and tasted great, not likely the 粗dishes in places like peach garden and ban heng…

deep-fried softshell crab a bit heavily fried, nice flavours also with thai basil.

tomato infused with Japanese plum sauce was delightful…

sea cucumber soup was a nice consommé lightly sweet清…

steamed halibut was fine dish, tender, sweet & great soya sauce 港蒸flavours…

the braised 8-head abalone not the best, I had much better abalone texture and also the brown sauce in other places.

roast chicken was a pleasant surprise..tender chicken with a nice sambal-dish sauce, very good and fine dish for a roast chicken, which often mediocre dish at many places …

the passionfruit pudding was like a nice panna cotta and quite refreshing…many thought it was too milky so son decided this an dish he will replace…

overall quite excellent fine dining dishes, better than expected from a hotel banquet…

c.h.e.f andy

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