CNY Day 4 Homecooked Family Dinner on 15Feb2021

made dinner for wife’s brother CCK and sis CYS family – 5pax visitors on CNYday4 on 15.2.2021.^^

8pax visitors a day so had to spread out to several makan sessions with my side family, wife’s side family and vegetarian dinner for niece family..

  1. hk steamed garoupa fish tail 港蒸龙虎斑尾
  2. tanhoon prawns
  3. claypot tofu with belly pork
  4. steamed cod 金银蒜蒸雪鱼
  5. 白斩鸡 & chicken rice
  6. 3 egg spinach
  7. stirfry romaine lettuce

& aunty bes added a sambal okra 👍

chicken rice and 白斩鸡excellent as usual..

everyone liked the steamed cod, hk steamed garoupa

& also the tanhoon prawns which Ervin arranged so nicely..

the claypot tofu need improvement..tasty enough..sweet peas overcooked, sauce can improve..still dish was finished.

3 egg spinach tasty sauce as always, romaine lettuce ok.

c.h.e.f andy


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