Wonderful 10pax Family Christmas Eve Dinner on 24Dec2020

had a wonderful memorable christmas eve 9pax family dinner on 24.12.2020.^^

SL buddy JW joined us and brought a beautiful, delicious Christmas cake.

wife went to get nice plump oysters from evergreen.

& made stunning, amazing, delicious salad! 🙂

Christmas Eve menu

I made-

  1. oven slow roast prime ribs
  2. peanut herb crusted rack of lamb
  3. ang moh char siew belly pork
  4. slow roast pork collar
  5. pangrilled jumbo prawns
  6. crabmeat pasta

ang mom char siew was perfect..very tender and tasty…

slow roast prime ribs excellent too…for tender and very tasty and flavourful.

the slow roast pork collar was done similarly and just as delicious.

will do recipes for these later.

rack of lamb very good, not gamey and tender and sweet.

pangrilled brandy buttered jumbo prawns could be better, have to cook only when serving, not predone…

crabmeat pasta was al dente and delicious.

PT bought big slab of kagoshima A4 wagyu from food mart…I pan grilled the steak and wife made the onions.

my niece WS bought us 2 trays of cheese and chocolates/tarts.

SL buddy JW baked an excellent Christmas cake, her first time doing it. so beautiful.

and PT bought Christmas log cake.

family had a wonderful evening together on Christmas Eve.

c.h.e.f andy


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