Recipe – Delicious Gimson Nonya Sauce Steamed Seabass on 11Jun2020

gimson nonya sauce steamed seabass

gimson nonya sauce steamed seabass

gimson nonya sauce can use to steam any fish and fry any vegetables. it is tangy and tasty and slight spicy, very appetizing sauce.

i made gimson nonya sauce steamed seabass for my brother 6pax family on 11.6.2020.^^

i know it will be good. 🙂

basically it is the same HK steam condiment mix and adding gimson nonya sauce.

just add  1 big heap tbsp or like 3 tbsp flat to the fish plus usual hk steam sauce condiments..

in this case this a large seabass maybe 800g+ so i added 3tbsp light soy sauce, 3 tbsp olive oil and 2tbsp mirin (optional)…and the usual sliced ginger, cut chilli padi and chopped and cut scallions.

and steam for 10mins.

dish was perfect la! very fresh seabass and tasty, tangy sauce.

c.h.e.f andy


Recipe = Tasty Spicy Chicken with Dried Chilli 宫保鸡 on 11Jun2020

spicy dried chilli claypot chicken 宫保鸡

spicy dried chilli claypot chicken 宫保鸡

aromatics for claypot chicken 宫保鸡

aromatics for claypot chicken 宫保鸡

my first experiment with spicy chicken with dried chilli 宫保鸡 cooking 6pax family dinner for my brother on 11Jun2020. ^^

i aimed to produce 宫保鸡 using 1/2 chicken to replace frogs – trying to replicate G7 sinma claypot 宫保田鸡…

sauce not too bad but not quite close to G7 sinma..maybe experiment chicken always done quite perfect texture, tender and moist…


soak 12 dry chilli in boiling water. remove seeds and drain. fry chopped shallots and garlic in oil. add dry chilli, sliced red onions, cut leeks (white part), cut scallions (white part).

mix 2tbsp oyster sauce, 2tbsp chinese huadiao wine, 1tsp sesame oil, 1 tbsp black vinegar, 1 tbsp corn flour in 200ml intense chicken stock and add to wok. salt to taste.

simmer broth to require thickness, add wing parts and cook 2 mins. adddeboned cut pieces from 1/2 chicken and cook for another 8mins.

it was a nice tasty dish with chicken stock and vegetable sweetness and glueyness for G7 sinma though taste not exactly same. chicken as always, tender and moist and not overcook, and that is the key.

c.h.e.f andy

Recipe – Sambal Sotong lagi Sedap on 4Jun2020

sambal sotong with yellow onions

sambal sotong with yellow onions

sambal sotong with yellow onions2

sambal sotong with yellow onions

sambal sotong was another dish i cooked for my brother’s family 6pax dinner on 4.6.2020.^^

lagi sedap la! 🙂

and this, the easiest to do.

1 large sotong (250g), clean wth salt, wash dry, remove skin and cut in rings.

fry 1 large sliced onions with lots of chopped garlic (1 heap tsp), add 1 heap tbsp sambal sauce and 1 flat tbsp oyster sauce. then add sotong and fry.

and that’s it!

the tip for cooking sotong, like everything else, is NOT to overcook, otherwise becomes tough and rubbery la…

can judge by eye, but if unsure just 1 piece lor. lol!^^

c.h.e.f andy

Recipe – Excellent Thai Style Fish Curry on 31May2020

thai style whole fish (ang choe) curry3

thai style whole fish (ang choe) curry

made thai style whole fish curry for 6pax dinner for my brother’s family on 4.6.2020.^^

tested my own recipe for the first time for my own family dinner on 31.5.2020. ^^

made my own rempah & added tomyam paste & coconut milk

12 dry chilli
6 cloves garlic
6 shallots
2in cut lemon grass white part
1 in cut ginger
1 tbsp flat sugar
1 tbsp oil
1/4 tap salt

blend to make rempah.

pound 2in lemon grass, fry with 1 stalk curry leaves, one sliced medium onion, add rempah, fry till fragrant, add cut lady fingers, add cut eggplant, add whole fish (i used ang choe – golden snapper today),cook for 10mins

my first time trying a newly created recipe, trying to model after forture old holland road’s thai style fish head.

not quite same as can be seen in the link photos.

still this was quite excellent! wife and children all liked it…very sedap, tangy and tasty! and the vegetables were excellent too.

so this can be a recipe in its own rights…but i may try to vary this to see how i can recreate forture’s excellent thai style fish head curry.

c.h.e.f andy