A Moral, Principled & Righteous Again United States of America & Leader of Democracy


the positivity energy we missed.


very sadly a few good men after that like obama can do abysmal

Just one nasty moron did untold damages & infected the whole nation with baseness & nastiness

that is because of non democratic vested interest system failure..cannot remove gun rights,cannot negotitate with police union…USA is vested interest plutocracy masquerading as democracy.

actually the fact that even obama could do nothing shows there is very little hope of USA system whether it is called democracy or not.

I think the divisions and fault lines that a obama cannot heal is unbreachable after a trump

every ugliness is release and set free in USA

it is a system failure

the only way only chance America can go forward is if not only biden elected but GOP is smashed into oblivion & a new moral principled charitable true Christian GOP is reborned.

a friend asked “What if the democrats win the house the senate as well as the presidency. Trinity?”

Then GOP have the chance to be phoenix reborned

Younger more rational more charitable more moderate GOP with true republican values and emerge after all the racist bigots old bags are banished.

I don’t agree with low tax low welfare no infrastructure small government dogma or anti abortion anti gay rights but those are legitimate differences in view points and policy directions so it is democratic whether democrats or republicans are elected

gun rights and police union are not

those have to be resolutely opposed.

maybe there needed to be a 毒药 toxic deadly trump virus to poison corrupt decimate and shows its evil destructive powers for America to recover its morality & principles & righteousness and lead the world again….

c.h.e.f andy