Always Good S$1 more Song Kee Fishball Noodles on 22Jun2020

S$7 song kee fishball noodles meepok tar

S$7 song kee fishball noodles meepok tar

today OPS 4bros arranged to have song kee fishball noodles on 22.6.2020.^^

WT bought lunch. 🙂

always enjoyed this stall which we went several times at tembeling. they moved to yio chu kang terrace several months, interrupted by covid-19 circuit breaker.

now we are in phase 2 reopening, allow friend gathering up to 5pax…this the first time i come to this new location. 3 of us were there 11.15am among the early birds. already 4 groups inc us. by 11.45am when we ordered, place about 2/3 full. at tembeling, almost all tables were full at by 11.30am.

our usual order S$6 which came with “everything” now S$7.

anyway it was really enjoyable for all of us, meeting friends face to face first time after like 10weeks break, and enjoying what we always like. today it was as good as always.

c.h.e.f andy


daily (closed thuers)
  • 11:30am–9pm



Children & Wife made Father’s Day 6pax Dinner on 21Jun2020

SL made lemon yogurt cake

SL made lemon yogurt cake

SM made brazilian seafood stew2

SM made brazilian seafood stew

son making crabmeat pasta

son making crabmeat pasta

son made black angus 100day grainfed ribeye3

son made black angus 100day grainfed ribeye

wife made black angus 100day grainfed ribeye

wife made the other piece of ribeye

son made lamb fillet2

son made lamb fillet


son made creamy crabmeat pasta

son made creamy crabmeat pasta

children and wife made father’s day dinner this evening on 21.6.2020.^^

SM cooked brazilian seafood stew

Wenyu cooked black angus 100 days grain fed ribeye + lamb fillet (wife cooked the other piece of steak)

& crab pasta one creamy one alio olio.

seafood stew was very good. like the tomato flavour.

meats were always good. wife added mirin and served with sliced onions t soak up the juices.

son’s crabmeat pasta always good. i liked the alio olio version a bit more.

& SL baked a lemon yogurt cake. very good 👍

had a really nice father’s day dinner thanks to wife and children.

a very blessed and happy man indeed! 🙂

c.h.e.f andy

Brother made Dinner & Jessie sent YTF on 20Jun2020


my brother brought dinner this evening on 21.6.2020.^^

there were techoew steamed pomfret, chilled pek tor (rabbit fish), 3 steamed giant prawns, fried egg omelette with silver baits and fried bittergourd.

the children are out this evening , and wife and i had a quiet, nice dinner. 🙂

WMwai mun delivered yongatufu made by jessie..

really nice ytf! ^^

c.h.e.f andy

Recipe = 豆签Bean Noodles Bakchormee on 20Jun2020

my 豆签bakchormee

my 豆签bean noodles bakchormee

made my own 豆签bean noodles bakchormee on 20.6.2020. ^^👍😀

had leftover minced pork & thinly sliced pork fillet. using bean noodles.

a small bundle of 豆签 bean noodles offer very small serving & very light carbs, ideal for me la…

& now my chilli sauce is as good as any outside 👍😀-

  • 1tbsp oyster sauce, maggi chilli, crispy prawn chilli, black vinegar, 1tsp fish sauce-the best!👍

becos i had very little bean noodles (maybe 50g) and my minced pork and sliced pork were not marinated, so above condiments mix was good, otherwise i say same ratio but good for between 100g and 150g of noodles.

this was a perfect bowl, texture and taste! and for sure no overeating for me la…

c.h.e.f andy


Delightful Sumptuous 4pax Family Dinner @ 8picure on 19Jun2020

crab cake

crab cake

galician octopus

galician octopus

lobster pasta

lobster pasta

ohmi A5 wagyu ribeye

ohmi A5 wagyu ribeye



wife bought sumptuous 4pax family dinner @ 8picure on 19.6.2020.^^

today is day 1 of phase 2 reopening. first day that eateries can receive dine in customers and we can go out in group of up to 5pax max.

our first response was to avoid dining out today…but i chatted with chef Gabriel today and decided to come for 4pax dinner.

we ordered delivery 3 times from 8picure to support this excellent boutique restaurant.

today we were the only customer, now 8picure seating have reduced to about 12pax from 16-18pax because of safe distancing.

Gabriel served us really excellent dishes,the everytime we were here

& connie served us complimentary champagne to celebrate their first customers on phase 2 reopening.  wife insisted on paying for champagne afterwards…

connie also picked a aurelio, which she did for us last time. an excellent red!

crab cake was 90% crab meat, very sweet and just the the right spiciness.

galician octopus very tender and tasty and a beauty to behold.

so was the lobster pasta, very fresh, sweet, tasty lobster and perfect pasta with lobster bisque sauce, tomatoes and capsicums.

we tried chef Gabriel’s 2 new dishes – iberico char siew capellini & another with pesto and arctic surf clams..

both excellent especially the arctic clams..iberico char siew great char siew flavours and tender sous vide texture.. we prefer the arctic clams which gave crunchy texture to a very tasty al dente tagliolini pasta.

every dish & both desserts just superb! children commented this the best tiramisu! it really was… 🙂

such a wonderful evening, delicious food and the best service thanks to chef Gabriel and connie.

c.h.e.f andy




Yummy Peranakan Dishes from Permakan on 18Jun2020

wife ordered dinner from peramakan on 18.6.2020.^^

very good! 👍

SL loved the ayam buah keluak. my favourite is beef rendang and babi pongteh. both i can do well myself. sambal sotong was good, the sambal sauce was excellent, and otah good too. chendol excellent la! sayur poor, not great..

I added 2 pieces lamb fillet, the ones i cooked for my brother this eveyning. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy


Tingkat Peramakan, Owen Road

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