Still Good Thai Style Curry Fish Head on 21Oct2018

thai style curry fish head

sunday. 2 old folks looking for a place to go. for dinner on 21.10.2018. ^^

wife wanted to go G7 sinma frog porridge but we couldn’t find parking at courts side, and the whole road was jammed.

so we turned back to try casuarina curry at 6th ave, no parking also, so decided to go to forture.

we parked at cherry ave.

thai style curry fish head 

we ordered only the thai style curry fish head. S$25.

fish head was still good, tangy tastey flavourful sauce, good amount of vegetables with the curry. fish head was fresh & sweet.

thought about the hor fun…decided not to have the carbs..later wanted to add prawn past e chicken but had to wait & we almost finished the fish head liao…so just fish head for 2pax.

it was enough la! 🙂

c.h.e.f andy


Forture Seafood



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