Great Friends Delicious Dinner = Superb 8pax Homecooked Donburi Dinner for Wife’s Friends on 2Nov2018

tapas & donburi homecooked dishes

made tapas + donburi dinner for Lisa’s friends, 2 couples CSS & hubby LF and B & hubby L.

9pax home tapas + donburi dinner

daughter SL, son & PT joined dinner so 9pax dinner.

I made-
1 teriyaki salmon belly
2 nobu miso cod
3 ika sugatayaki (grilled whole squid)
4 japanese chashu
5 tamago
6 chorizo prawns

wife served sashimi from kuriya, and made sushi rice for donburi & cooked the mirin steak..aunty bes made very nice charred brussel sprouts.

L’s friends brought very good sake = kokuryu 黑龙 sake & another more expensive sake, and dessert wine almost ice wine standard..also brought le tau cheese cake 👍

teriyaki salmon belly & nobu miso cod

food was excellent this evening, exquisite actually!

teriyaki salmon belly

the teriyaki salmon belly perfect charring and texture, and very tasty marinade combined well with the oil belly and dill. par excellence!

nobu miso cod

nobu miso cod was very good too.

the hilarious thing was i never been to nobu, while CSS and LF went to nobu nextdoor years ago & tried the real nobu miso cod.

japanese tapas


i made very good tamago this evening too, good taste, not too sweet & well rolled even w/o a tamago pan.

japanese chashu

the japanese chashu was excellent this evening.

in a way it was the first time i did with an entire 1 kg slab. and it made a subtle difference that the slab was fully rolled with only skin outside instead of having one whole side w/o skin exposed for the 3.5hrs.

japanese chashu

the texture was perfect, tender still crystalline.

the ends were a bit frayed but it was still good. son said it tasted less porky that it should be.i think that partly because of the japanese marinade mirin, tsuyu etc not the teochew type braise.

ika sugatayaki (steamed, chilled & dried, before flaming)

ika sugatayaki

ika sugatayaki was the usual, flamed with agave nectar, olive oil, sea salt & coarse pepper. 🙂

chroizo prawn gravy (add prawns when serving)

chorizo prawns

chorizo prawns very good with very tasty, intense chicken stock, chorizo, basil, chilli padi flavours. the prawns were just frozen prawns. my eldest daughter (not with dinner this evening) actually prefer the frozen prawns to fresh ones. for me i still prefer fresh.

beef donburi

wife made sushi rice and served beef donburi.

beef donburi

usda prime ribeye mirin steak by wife

usda prime ribeye mirin steak by wife

wife made mirin steak using qbfood usda prime ribeye. it was very good. the mirin caramelised and increased the charring of the steak, and of course impart flavours too.

beef donburi

it was a wonderful beef donburi.

for me, i still prefer plain steak to the mirin steak, though mirin steak was very nice too.

i don’t drink much, so only had sips of wife’s sparkling sake, and the good expensive sake and dessert wines her friends brought, the light le tau cheese cake were very good.

this a very good group of friends, totally natural & direct – if you want something just say it! exactly what i do too…

and i actually knew L’s dad was a respected elder in my past engagements many many years back, small world it is. and when memories came calling, then i realized they looked so alike. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy


Xinlu Fishball Noodles & Meiling Street Wanton Mee with Daughter on 2Nov2018

lunch with daughter 

daughter called to have lunch on 2.11.2018. ^^

pick up daughter from her workplace and went to meilin street food centre.

S$3 xinlu fish ball noodles

i had my usual S$3 meepok tar, good every time, noodles qq, chilli very good, tasty. satisfied la! 🙂

S$4 meiling street wanton noodles

daughter decided on meiling street wanton mee. i think it was S$3 PLUS S$1 added fried wanton. there were like 6 fried wantons.

meiling street wanton noodles

i tried the noodles ok, but chilli not tasty like my xinlu fish ball noodles. i think the other places like jian kang noodles commonwelath crescent etc are better.

piccolo latte @ tiong hoe

piccolo latte @ tiong hoe

tiong hoe coffee

tiong hoe coffee

S$4 piccolo latte

afterwards went to tiong hoe for S$4 piccolo latte. very good, intense, flavourful coffee!

then sent daughter back to work.

c.h.e.f andy


Mei Ling Street Wanton Noodles

#02-32, Mei Chin Road Market, 159 Mei Chin Road, 140159


Fried Minced Pork with Long Beans – 74th Teban Gardens Community Breakfast on 2Nov2018

fried minced pork with long beans

made fried minced pork with long beans, with a bit of mala sauce & oyster sauce…. for teban gardens community breakfast this morning on 2.11.2018.^^

this my 74th friday breakfast community meal dish at teban gardens community service centre.

i first started doing a community meal dish for teban gardens CSC on 8.1.2016.

the centre was started in 2002 after much effort & challenge by our RI friend who is a pastor of pasir panjang hill brethren church (pphbc) which owns & runs the CSC.

fried long beans

fried long beans

first time doing this 1kg+ long beans and 1.3kg minced pork for 140pax residents..tasted very delicious dish.

i fried the 1kg+ cut long beans with 3tsp chopped garlic, 1 cut chilli padi and added 2tbsp oyster sauce. covered wokpan to cook & soften, then removed to aluminium carrier.

fried minced pork

then i fried the 1.3kg minced pork (4 packets from sheng shiong). added 1tbsp oyster sauce. then 2tbsp 老干妈 mala sauce and 2tbsp corn flour at the end & mixed thoroughly.

then added back the long beans and fried together.

fried minced pork with long beans

fried minced pork with long beans

then plated them in the aluminium carrier.

fried minced pork with long beans

tasted the minced pork. it was delicious.

and the long beans were soft and tasty.

fried minced pork with long beans

it was a simple dish, not expensive & not difficult to make. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy

Good Food Marred by Poor Service Philosophy @ Punggol Seafood on 1Nov2018

dinner @ punggol seafood

my OPS bro bought 4pax OPS bros dinner @ punggol seafood at punggol settlement on 1.11.2018. ^^

HC used fave S$110 voucher for S$55, and top up S$45, so S$100..

dinner @ punggol seafood

food was quite ok=curry fish head, smoked duck all good, dongpo rou specially good..perfect texture, excellent flavours only the roast chicken below par and the signature tofu tasteless 👎🏼

S$15.80 lala beehoon

service was actually ok, the usual.

but service philosophy problematic as they don’t allow us to dapao the dishes becos we use fave voucher..

made no sense as we spent above the S$110 vouchers, and it was not like 50% discounts off total bill..meaning we did not have to order above S$110 voucher value, and so anyhting above S$110 it should be for us to decide, especially the case if we should genuinely need to tapao.

so throwing away good food rather than let customer dapao????does not promote goodwill for the restaurant. i wouldn’t come back for this reason, when the food is ok but not special.

S$15.80 lala beehoon

S$15.80 lala beehoon

lala beehoon was good. tasty, a good dish to order.

though i had better lala horfun at yalong bay on 10.7.2018..

S$9.80 smoked duck

the smoked duck breast was good!

S$10 french beans

french beans good too, simple dish done well…

S$25 curry fish head

curry fish head was good, and lots of vegetables.

not special as many places have very good curry fish head….

S$18 roast chicken

S$18 roast chicken

roast chicken was below par…breast was dry and though was crispy and the tender parts tasted ok with the five-spice salt.

S$16 dongporou 东坡肉

the dongporou 东坡肉 was top restaurant standard, better than silk @ sicc.

totally tender, perfectly cut and crystalline, 油而不腻, top class dish!

S$13 signature tofu

tofu was tasteless, quite poor dish…

about S$100 nett after using fave vouchers

dinner was S$155, so HC topped up S$45, and 4pax dinner was S$100 nett after dicounts.

wasted food @ punggol seafood

so we had a bit of leftover food.

i think it was ridiculous and very bad customer service in denying us to tapao the leftover food. quite clearly everything was going to waste! sigh!

dinner @ punggol seafood

dinner @ punggol seafood


overall it was a good dinner hosted by HC.

& the defeatist service philosophy managed to cancel out all the goodwill on the food and the fave discounts.

anyway we OPS bros had a great time together. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy


Punggol Seafood

Opening Hours:



Hougang Hainanese Village Centre Food Tour on 1Nov2018

went with RI bros LCM & LKY to kovan market to try out yame curry chicken noodles..but kovan is closed for reno..

LKY brought us to hougang hainanese village centre..though hougang is teochew…lol!

fishball noodles, fried carrot cake, oyster omelette, bedok chui kueh

fish ball noodles

fishball noddles ingredients very good (3 liver, 3 fishball, 1 meatball), chilli, soup all good, meepok NOT qq..that would be a failure…


LCM ordered laksa…i tasted the gravy.

laksa savoury type like weiyi not just lemak..this the style i like…

fried carrot cake

fried carrot cake

fried carrot cake looked anaemic but quite fragrant… same for orh luah fragrant though frozen oyster, a pleasant surprise.

fried carrot cake stall

S$2 bedok chui kueh

bedok chui kueh good, but chinatown stall felt better..

da zhong cafe

da zhong cafe

da zhong kopi

there were like 6 coffee stalls here, and of course LKY knew which was best.

had the da zhong kopi c gosong tiklor.

coffee very good..

lai seng dessert@ blk 628 amk ave 4

ice kachang @ blk 628 amk ave 4

ice kachang @ blk 628 amk ave 4

later LKY & i went to 628 amk ave 4. i wanted to get something. found the shop but decided not to get it. kachang only $1.50 but so so…

c.h.e.f andy


Hougang Hainanese Village Centre

Opening Hours:



Best Blackmore Wagyu Spare Rib @ Halia on 31Oct2018

wonderful dinner for 2

had very good 2pax dinner with lisa @ the halia botanical garden..

all the dishes we ordered were good-

  • non alcoholic cocktail $8 very good
  • 1/2 oysters $26
  • carpaccio $18
  • mixed mushrooms $6
  • pangrilled sunchokes (like artichoke) $6
  • boned in wagyu beef rib $48 – this the best rib 👍👍👍
  • die die must have chocolate $10 ok
  • flat white $6 very good

total $149 i used $150 chope vouchers cost $66nett

wonderful dinner for 2

we were here actually just few weeks back with my OPS bros & spouses on 10.10.2018. we had a great time and dinner.^^wife though had to rush off somewhere & only returned later. and it was pouring that evening & not so many customers.

this evening, even though we booked 9pm to use chope offpeak vouchers, halia was full and the ambience was wonderful.

S$26 oysters 6 pieces

S$26 oysters 6 pieces

we didn’t want too much food and carbs.

wife ordered the oysters. we ordered first 3 oysters for S$13.50, oysters were great..then as we liked it we added 3 more oysters and the server changed it to 6 for S$26 in the bill. 🙂

service here consistently good. the 2 vietnamese servers last visit and this time the filipino server.

S$6 mixed mushrooms garlic butter

the mixed mushrooms with garlic butter was good as before. simple yet excellent dish this.

S$6 panroasted sunchokes

we liked the kind of looked like old ginger than artichokes though it had the texture…anyway i loved the dish, lots of fibre too. lol!

S$18 blackmore wagyu chuck rib carpaccio

S$18 blackmore wagyu chuck rib carpaccio

blackmore wagyu chuck rib carpaccio was the natural sweey kind w/o sauce. i liked it this way too though i don’t mind sauce too.

vegetable chips

vegetable chips came with the carpaccio. good!

S$48 blackmore wagyu spare rib

S$48 blackmore wagyu spare rib 

and the best had to te the wagyu spare ribs.

it was braised, soft & moist, and extremely flavourful as the collagen became flavourful gelatine.

really excellent this!

S$10 did die must have chocolate

S$10 did die must have chocolate

the chocolate was pedestrian actually, good enough i guess for restaurant standard.

i think the date pudding was best, and the ginger was good (from previous dinner).

S$48 blackmore wagyu spare rib

had a relax evening with wife and enjoyed delicious food at very affordable price after chope discounts.

c.h.e.f andy