Best Blackmore Wagyu Spare Rib @ Halia on 31Oct2018

wonderful dinner for 2

had very good 2pax dinner with lisa @ the halia botanical garden..

all the dishes we ordered were good-

  • non alcoholic cocktail $8 very good
  • 1/2 oysters $26
  • carpaccio $18
  • mixed mushrooms $6
  • pangrilled sunchokes (like artichoke) $6
  • boned in wagyu beef rib $48 – this the best rib 👍👍👍
  • die die must have chocolate $10 ok
  • flat white $6 very good

total $149 i used $150 chope vouchers cost $66nett

wonderful dinner for 2

we were here actually just few weeks back with my OPS bros & spouses on 10.10.2018. we had a great time and dinner.^^wife though had to rush off somewhere & only returned later. and it was pouring that evening & not so many customers.

this evening, even though we booked 9pm to use chope offpeak vouchers, halia was full and the ambience was wonderful.

S$26 oysters 6 pieces

S$26 oysters 6 pieces

we didn’t want too much food and carbs.

wife ordered the oysters. we ordered first 3 oysters for S$13.50, oysters were great..then as we liked it we added 3 more oysters and the server changed it to 6 for S$26 in the bill. 🙂

service here consistently good. the 2 vietnamese servers last visit and this time the filipino server.

S$6 mixed mushrooms garlic butter

the mixed mushrooms with garlic butter was good as before. simple yet excellent dish this.

S$6 panroasted sunchokes

we liked the kind of looked like old ginger than artichokes though it had the texture…anyway i loved the dish, lots of fibre too. lol!

S$18 blackmore wagyu chuck rib carpaccio

S$18 blackmore wagyu chuck rib carpaccio

blackmore wagyu chuck rib carpaccio was the natural sweey kind w/o sauce. i liked it this way too though i don’t mind sauce too.

vegetable chips

vegetable chips came with the carpaccio. good!

S$48 blackmore wagyu spare rib

S$48 blackmore wagyu spare rib 

and the best had to te the wagyu spare ribs.

it was braised, soft & moist, and extremely flavourful as the collagen became flavourful gelatine.

really excellent this!

S$10 did die must have chocolate

S$10 did die must have chocolate

the chocolate was pedestrian actually, good enough i guess for restaurant standard.

i think the date pudding was best, and the ginger was good (from previous dinner).

S$48 blackmore wagyu spare rib

had a relax evening with wife and enjoyed delicious food at very affordable price after chope discounts.

c.h.e.f andy


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