Recipe = Vongole Pasta on 3Nov2018

vongole spaghetti 26.10.2018

i made vongole pasta quite a while ago (30.4.2014). and it was delicious!

my youngest daughter love vongole pasta.

recently we had our 5pax family holiday at amalfi coast & my daughter was taking vongole everyday.

one thing about pastas in amalfi & i guess italy, they were generally more al dente than what we eat in singapore, and we liked it, so i decided to make my pasta more al dente!


for our 8pax family dinner on 26.10.2018, i went to get 1kg lala clams for the vongole 1hr before cooking, so la la clams were fresh. and perfect in texture.

the la la texture and taste were perfect, and spaghetti was al dente. a very tasty quite perfect vonhole dish!

vongole linguine on 28.10.2018

vongole linguine on 28.10.2018

on 20.10.2018, i made vongole linguine & a crayfish tagliatelle for a 3pax dinner with wife & daughter.^^

again i went to sheng shiong to grab 1 kg just before cooking dinner.

my pasta now much more al dente than previously before our recent family amalfi coast trip. everyone loved the linguine and the la la (vongole) were excellent, just the right texture, fresh, succulent, and great taste. 🙂

vongole spaghetti on 20.10.2018

i also made vongole spahetti for the 8pax dinner for wife’s good famil J, H and their son M on 20.10.2018. ^^

it was a most delectable dish.

so, now i am quite proficient with the dish, the recipe is belwo.

c.h.e.f andy



  • 300g – 500g pasta (sphaghetti or linguine)
  • 1kg vongole
  • 1 cup chicken stock
  • 1 cut chilli padi
  • 1 bulb of whole garlic cloves
  • 1/2cup white wine
  • 4 leaves sliced sweet basil
  • 6 leaves basil for garnishing


  1. brown1 bulb of whole garlic cloves in 2tbsp olive oil
  2. add cut chilli padi & sliced sweet basil
  3. add 1 cup chicken stock and white wine and reduce to 1/2. add salt to taste.
  4. wash and drain the clams, and add clams to the boiling stock, cover and cook clams till they open (1-2mins)
  5. off fire, add pasta and toss thoroughly.
  6. add sweet basil or chopped parsley for garnishing

Recipe=Watermelon Feta Cheese Salad on 20Oct2018

#1 watermelon salad

wife invited her good friend J.H and their son M for dinner on 20.10.2018. including my children we had 8pax dinner.

i was kind of tired doing pumpkin & quinoa salad though that was a crowd favourite too.

i googled, and decided to try out a watermelon feta cheese salad.

so my first time making watermelon salad. there’s a first for everything la! 🙂

I bought a watermelon S$6.99 from sheng shiong. the guy selected a ripe one for me and luckily it was very sweet.i cut about <1/3 melon into cubes, added 100g feta cheese from cold storage cut smaller cubes, and  2 stalks of chopped mint from my garden. and placed it in a chiller.

when serving 1 added 2tbsp extra virgin olive oil, squeezed 1 fresh lime, added 1/2tbp salt, and stick a fresh mint stalk for garnishing. looked lovely!

it was really refreshing. watermelon was very sweet of course. the feta cheese, lime added a special zing to the salad! everyone loved the salad. ^^

i did this watermelon salad again for our 8pax family dinner on 26.10.2018. everyone loved the watermelon salad.

c.h.e.f andy