Joyful Evening Home Celebrations and Delicious Homecooked Meal with Family on 26Oct2018

4 tapas dishes – watermelon salad, chorizo prawns, dubrovnik chicken, ika sugatayaki

we already had birthday celebrations at alba last evening attended by my family, close friends/RI & OPS bros and godsis & hubby.

so decided to have dinner at home today on 26.10.2018. ^^

I made 8pax dinner, 8 dishes comprising 4 tapas, 3 pasta & 1 meat-

  1. watermelon feta cheese salad
  2. Dubrovnik orange jam chicken
  3. ika sugatayaki 
  4. chorizo prawns
  5. tagliatelle fruiti mare 
  6. vongole spaghetti 
  7. seafood paella
  8. tagliata di manzo (aussie wagyu MS4)

4 tapas dishes – watermelon salad, chorizo prawns, dubrovnik chicken, ika sugatayaki

4 tapas dishes – watermelon salad, chorizo prawns, dubrovnik chicken, ika sugatayaki

ika sugatayaki was best, and everyone loved the chorizo prawns and the watermelon salad.

for this evening, i messed up my dubrovnik orange jam chicken a bit cos i forgot it was in the oven resting when i used another compartment of the oven. still it was good taste just texture was not perfect as it should be. 🙂

tagliatelle fruiti mare

tagliatelle fruiti mare

my pasta were all par excellence.

stock was very tasty, and pasta now always perfectly al dente.

vongole spaghetti

vongole spaghetti

i went to get 1kg lala clams for the vongole 1hr before cooking, so la la clams were fresh. and perfect in texture.

daughter said tagliatelle was a bit spicy so i did not add chilli padi to the vongole. for myself i think spicy always better tasting.

seafood paella

seafood paella

seafood paella also had very tasty stock.

for this i added prawn head & shell stock to the chicken stock. so paella was excellent in taste and al dente texture also.

for mussels and razor clams, i used frozen ones…for me, the mussels were very good even though frozen, the razor clams were doable, and as my sil said these did not need the tough cleaning (which razor clams need, and really laborous).

the difference between paella and risotto primarily, risotto more wet and paella like claypot rice you just leave it and it’s ok to be slightly burnt though mine wasn’t. and risotto a bit more refine, usually you do not add so many items on it so the one big colourful plate ones with lots of ingredients kind of usually paella.

tagliata di manzo

wife bought wagyu MS4 i think 50% off from cold storage, so we made tagliata di manzo with nice perino cherry tomatoes and rockets.

it’s not as good cut as usda prime ribeye or aussie grain fed angus ribeye, a bit more fat and tendon, so i charred it more PLUS cross cut to make the steak more tender…

birthday cake

PT brought the chateraise birthday cake. we all liked the light japanese cakes. 🙂

tagliata di manzo

it was a very joyful evening for me.

after the memorable evening and excellent dinner last evening, it was good to just celebrate at home enjoying a delicious homecooked meal with family. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy

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