So So Teochew Muay S$31 for 3pax @ Ye Lai Xiang on 24Oct2018

ye lai xiang techew muay dishes

sis wanted teochew muay, so went with sis & bil to ye lai xiang 夜来香 bukit merah view for techew muay dishes on 24.10.2018. ^^

we had a bad experience with 夜上海ye shanghai at lengkok bahru 3months back where they overcharged us by S$3 then tried to wriggled away by obviously fake GST with no receipt on 18.7.2018 (see here).

so we voted by our feet never to go back to 夜上海ye shanghai, haha! 🙂

sis ordered 2 fish, 1 sotong & 8 veg dishes for like S$31.

i am finding this teochew muay stuff a bit expensive these days c/w the earlier cheap & good dishes.

like a year ago we had 2 fish & 7 veg dishes for $18 on 28.9.2017.

teochew chilled mullet

but of course different fish. now this mullet was S$10, previously S$8.

chilled rabbit fish

rabbit fish was S$5.

chilled sotong

& sotong was S$5.

fried egg 

tau gay

ye lai xiang veg dishes 

so perhaps the remaining 8 dishes + 2 porridge for S$11 was kind of ok.

just that S$31 vs S$18 overall was some impact right?

anyway, the veg were not as tasty, and even ye shanghai (which i think vegetables there generally taste better) also not tasty as before. differnt people cooking now?

of course overall price still not high like S$10pax. just that also no longer cheap…

but fish & sotong no thrill for me as i can do just as well or better. the vegetables are the ones i like because variety c/w if we cook one of two veg ourselves & really they used to be very tasty.

c.h.e.f andy


夜来香 YelaixiangTeochew Porridge (夜来香潮洲糜)


#01-217, Boyang Coffee Shop, Blk 117 Bukit Merah View, 151116

Still Good Thai Style Curry Fish Head on 21Oct2018

thai style curry fish head

sunday. 2 old folks looking for a place to go. for dinner on 21.10.2018. ^^

wife wanted to go G7 sinma frog porridge but we couldn’t find parking at courts side, and the whole road was jammed.

so we turned back to try casuarina curry at 6th ave, no parking also, so decided to go to forture.

we parked at cherry ave.

thai style curry fish head 

we ordered only the thai style curry fish head. S$25.

fish head was still good, tangy tastey flavourful sauce, good amount of vegetables with the curry. fish head was fresh & sweet.

thought about the hor fun…decided not to have the carbs..later wanted to add prawn past e chicken but had to wait & we almost finished the fish head liao…so just fish head for 2pax.

it was enough la! 🙂

c.h.e.f andy


Forture Seafood



Sumptuous Expensive Lunch @ Terra on 23Oct2018


J & my RI bro NCL bought lunch @ terra at 54 tras street today on 23.10.2018. ^^

J arranged the sumptuous lunch..


nice decor and ambience.

japanese server 

chef owner is seita san. Our server is sho san.

ingrdedients for lunch 

terra served only omakase or set lunch, & omakase dinner..

we ordered the $58pax 4-course set, and had to top up $10 for their signature uni pasta..

foccacia & pumpkin veloute

pumpkin veloute 

the foccacia & fungi butter very good..

the pumpkin soup fine presentation but pedestrian in taste.

hokkaido scallop excellent! 

the hokkaido scallop was excellent.quite exquisite!

scallops was totally tender ad sweet &  complemented well by the cheesy, flavourful broth.

sanma ceviche 

i tried a bit of the sanma ceviche…. very good too

signature uni pasta 

uni pasta was very good because of very sweet uni..

as a uni pasta did not really stand out say c/w a good mentaiko pasta..and i think many places can do teh same or better…maybe should have ikura added to the uni pasta..


i asked and sho san replied that the “wagyu” beef was not a graded wagyu. ..we guessing maybe 国产牛..

anyway it was quite excellent- sweet, nice beefy taste, smooth & tender

birthday cake

dessert was tiramisu..light nice not too sweet perfectly competent tiramisu.

terra birthday candle decor

the birthday cake/dessert decor was interesting.

the candle sat on a wine cork, which looked like a man sitting down. lol! 🙂

birthday chime 

there was a birthday chime too!

signature uni pasta

Thanks to my friends J & NCL for the excellent lunch, and great chat & sharing.

NCL was going for his kilimanjaro expedition, we were all happy and full of goodwill & support for his successful summiting of the tallest peak in africa.

c.h.e.f andy


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