Average Food at Crossroad Cafe = LKY bought 2pax Lunch on 27Oct2018

RI bro bought 2pax lunch @ crossroad cafe

my RI LKY arranged lunch at cross road cafe, level 1 of mariott at scotts road today on 29.10.2018. ^^

he had an expiring S$100 voucher to use by 31.10.2018. haha! 🙂

S$20 calamari

didn’t know what to order?

we decided on S$20 calamari. it was average, pedestrian, actually my helper made better calamari, haha! 🙂

we ordered a calamari $20 (average), crayfish laksa $27 which the server split for us into 2 bowls (average), wagyu burger $35 (quite good)..bill came to $96nett

S$27 crayfish laksa split into 2 servings

S$27 crayfish laksa split into 2 servings

the laksa was like S$25, and S$27 if add crayfish. we ordered the S$27 crayfish laksa, not that 1 piece crayfish made much difference.

they split the bowl for us, and each pax had a good serving of laksa.

it was ok laksa, better than some hawker centre. just very lemak & savoury enough like my favourite weiyi laksa. so i guess this was quite ordinary.

wagyu burger

the best dish was probably the wagyu burger.

this was not quite the foksner gourmet burger that we had at bohinj slovenia.

still it was a good burger, the pattie nicely done.

the bill came to like S$95, so LKY used his S$100 voucher, quite ok, just about there.

well considering free lunch thanks to my RI bro, more than good enough la…don’t think will come here at normal price.

ondeh ondeh

toastbox kopi + begawan solo cakes

after that we went to taka, bought ondeh2 and lapis sagu from bengawan solo..went to toastbox level 4 wisma for kopi.

c.h.e.f andy


Crossroad Cafe @ Mariott

Opening Hours:


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