Recipe=Watermelon Feta Cheese Salad on 20Oct2018

#1 watermelon salad

wife invited her good friend J.H and their son M for dinner on 20.10.2018. including my children we had 8pax dinner.

i was kind of tired doing pumpkin & quinoa salad though that was a crowd favourite too.

i googled, and decided to try out a watermelon feta cheese salad.

so my first time making watermelon salad. there’s a first for everything la! 🙂

I bought a watermelon S$6.99 from sheng shiong. the guy selected a ripe one for me and luckily it was very sweet.i cut about <1/3 melon into cubes, added 100g feta cheese from cold storage cut smaller cubes, and  2 stalks of chopped mint from my garden. and placed it in a chiller.

when serving 1 added 2tbsp extra virgin olive oil, squeezed 1 fresh lime, added 1/2tbp salt, and stick a fresh mint stalk for garnishing. looked lovely!

it was really refreshing. watermelon was very sweet of course. the feta cheese, lime added a special zing to the salad! everyone loved the salad. ^^

i did this watermelon salad again for our 8pax family dinner on 26.10.2018. everyone loved the watermelon salad.

c.h.e.f andy


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