Good Food Marred by Poor Service Philosophy @ Punggol Seafood on 1Nov2018

dinner @ punggol seafood

my OPS bro bought 4pax OPS bros dinner @ punggol seafood at punggol settlement on 1.11.2018. ^^

HC used fave S$110 voucher for S$55, and top up S$45, so S$100..

dinner @ punggol seafood

food was quite ok=curry fish head, smoked duck all good, dongpo rou specially good..perfect texture, excellent flavours only the roast chicken below par and the signature tofu tasteless 👎🏼

S$15.80 lala beehoon

service was actually ok, the usual.

but service philosophy problematic as they don’t allow us to dapao the dishes becos we use fave voucher..

made no sense as we spent above the S$110 vouchers, and it was not like 50% discounts off total bill..meaning we did not have to order above S$110 voucher value, and so anyhting above S$110 it should be for us to decide, especially the case if we should genuinely need to tapao.

so throwing away good food rather than let customer dapao????does not promote goodwill for the restaurant. i wouldn’t come back for this reason, when the food is ok but not special.

S$15.80 lala beehoon

S$15.80 lala beehoon

lala beehoon was good. tasty, a good dish to order.

though i had better lala horfun at yalong bay on 10.7.2018..

S$9.80 smoked duck

the smoked duck breast was good!

S$10 french beans

french beans good too, simple dish done well…

S$25 curry fish head

curry fish head was good, and lots of vegetables.

not special as many places have very good curry fish head….

S$18 roast chicken

S$18 roast chicken

roast chicken was below par…breast was dry and though was crispy and the tender parts tasted ok with the five-spice salt.

S$16 dongporou 东坡肉

the dongporou 东坡肉 was top restaurant standard, better than silk @ sicc.

totally tender, perfectly cut and crystalline, 油而不腻, top class dish!

S$13 signature tofu

tofu was tasteless, quite poor dish…

about S$100 nett after using fave vouchers

dinner was S$155, so HC topped up S$45, and 4pax dinner was S$100 nett after dicounts.

wasted food @ punggol seafood

so we had a bit of leftover food.

i think it was ridiculous and very bad customer service in denying us to tapao the leftover food. quite clearly everything was going to waste! sigh!

dinner @ punggol seafood

dinner @ punggol seafood


overall it was a good dinner hosted by HC.

& the defeatist service philosophy managed to cancel out all the goodwill on the food and the fave discounts.

anyway we OPS bros had a great time together. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy


Punggol Seafood

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