Recipe = 红油豆瓣酱 Chilli Bean Paste Pork on 16Jan2020

spicy bean paste pork soft bones

红油豆瓣酱 chilli bean paste pork softbones

bean paste pork softbones

红油豆瓣酱 chilli bean paste pork softbones

recently i have been making quite many times 红油豆瓣酱 chilli bean paste pork softbones.

it is very easy to make and can cook in large quantities, like for-

  1. 16pax dinner at aloha loyang bungalow bbq for RI bros and Matthias family on 16.1.2020
  2. 40pax lunch for HCA Hospice Care patients on 8.10.2019.

i get frozen pork softbones from sheng shiong, 400g packet S$3.95. so for 40pax lunch i cook 6 packets = 2.4kg; for 16pax aloha bbq i cook 2 packets 800g.

just braise the pork softbones for 1.5hrs till tender, reduce and the dish is done. very tasty and delicious, and basically no effort.

c.h.e.f andy



  • 2x400g=800g pork softbones
  • 2 tbsp oyster sauce
  • 2 tbsp 红油豆瓣酱 chilli bean paste
  • 2 tbsp cornflour
  • 3 cloves chopped garlic


  1. put pork softbones in boiling water to remove scum, wash, clean and dry
  2. marinate with 2tbsp oyster sauce, 2tbsp 红油豆瓣酱 chilli bean paste, 2 tbsp cornflour (all flat) for 2hrs
  3. fried 3 cloves chopped garlic in a little oil, add pork and fry thoroughly few minutes. add 200ml water, cover and cook for 10mins. then add 1.5l water, cover and cook for 1hr 20mins till tender.
  4. reduce to a thick sauce and taste.
  5. serve.




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