Tasty Truffle Chicken, Ribs and Sensational Pasta Dinner on 15Apr2020

oven baked ribs2

oven baked ribs-perfect texture & flavours

chorizo prawn pasta

chorizo prawn pasta

squidink pasta

squidink pasta with squid

had delicious homecooked dinner this evening on 15.4.2020.^^

i made 4 dishes-

  1. roast truffle 1/2 chicken (recipe here)
  2. oven baked ribs (recipe here)
  3. chorizo prawn spaghetti
  4. squidink pasta with squid

dinner was excellent this evening.

every dish was delicious. wife and children loved all the dishes. 🙂

chicken was tender, moist and very tasty.

pork ribs nice smoky flavours, tasty and perfect texture.

the 2 pastas were delicious.

for chorizo prawns,

brown garlic cloves with some sweet basil leaves in olive oil. add sliced chorizo. off fire and add very tasty intense chicken stock & white wine, and reduce to a very tasty sauce. when serving bring sauce to boil, add prawns (seasoned with seasalt and white pepper), almost cook prawns, add pasta, add butter, off fire and toss. garnish with sweet basil. voila!

it was delicious, smoky chorizo, very tasty stock, al dente pasta and succulent sweet prawns.

for squidink pasta,

prepare same base sauce with chicken stock and white wine as before; just w/o chorizo, and add squid ink. reduced to a somewhat thick inky sauce. when serving add squid, almost cook squid, add pasta, add butter, off fire and toss. garnish with sweet basil. voila!

really delightful, quite sensational pastas. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy


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