EasyJet Inverness to London Luton on 15Jun2017 (Day 7 Fort Williams/Isle of Skye Trip 9-14Jun2017)

the willows b&b

after a continental breakfast at the willows b&b by hosts sheila & her hubby, we started out on a 45mins drive to inverness airport on 15.6.2017.

we returned the VW rental car to avis parking lot & checked in easyjet for London Luton. ^^

this marks the last & final entry of our very memorable holiday to fort williams & isles of skye, largely the effort & arrangements made by wife.

returning car at inverness airport

filled up petrol to full tank

fuel gauge showing full tank

we did the usual, filling up petrol, checking the fuel gauge, and returning the car to avis parking lots at inverness airport.

our VW rental car keys

returning car at avis counter, inverness airport

i have never had any problems myself with rental car companies in terms of unusual charges etc though my wife had & some friends had too.

anyhow these days it is so convenient to record everything, so i made sure i took all the necessary photo records.

Inverness airport

so it’s end of our fort williams/isle of skye holiday,

and “home sweet home” back to our london apartment.

youngest daughter is joining us in london the next day, & on the following day 17.6.2017, 4 of us – wife, me, son & daughter are flying to iceland for a 10-day holiday..

c.h.e.f andy


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