Great Cocktails, Great Mussels, Poor Food at White House Inverness on 14Jun2017 (Day 6 Fort Williams/Isle of Skye Trip 9-14Jun2017)

excellent martini cocktail

after the brief walk along both banks of river ness,

we were looking for a place for simple dinner..not looking for a heavy dinner,

& since we already had excellent lunch at kinloch today…

This place famous for cocktails

walk past white house restaurant, was reading google reviews on the fly…apparently this place is especially good for cocktails….

so we settle in at the white house on 14.6.2017. ^^

excellent whisky cocktail

wife ordered a whisky cocktail. quite excellent, even for non drinker like me tasting it…

later wife ordered a second martini cocktail (top photo). it was very good too!

the best succulent west coast mussels, even better than uig = £6.50

we ordered the west coast mussels.

surprise surprise, it was the best succulent mussels we had this trip (even better than the very good ones at uig restaurant)…the white wine sauce not creamy but very tasty.

the best succulent west coast mussles, even better than uig = £6.50

this dish was really a very good order for just £6.50!.

the poorest & tiny scallop i had this trip = £8.95

unfortunately, everything went downhill after that!

this was the poorest & tiniest scallop i had this trip..about the standard of scallops at The Oyster Shed (which was not good!)

Seafood platter for 2=£15.25 really NOT good

the seafood platter was really a bad pub food.

Seafood platter for 2=£15.25 really NOT good

calamari was dry & tough.

the 3 disappearing “king” prawns were just pathetic! the preparation of it was even more pathetic..

Seafood platter for 2=£15.25 really NOT good

kippers was like some cheap stuff pulled off a supermarket rack, nothing like the consistent good ones at all the b&b. NOT good at all!

Seafood platter for 2=£15.25 really NOT good

minced salmon was at least quite tasty. but not something we could take more than a mouthful..

white house restaurant

white house restaurant

so dinner came up to £44. can consider that as just paying for the mussels & 2 cocktails.

basically the other orders we need not have bothered.

won’t take any food here except for the mussels!

inverness sunset 

after dinner at the white house, we returned to our car & drove back to our b&b the willows at kirkhill, retracing the same lakeside drive along beauty firth.

inverness sunset 

we caught the sunset, and the setting sun was just inching down the horizon.

the photos looked spectacular but actually the golden rays were just because my iphone 6 camera had a crack…no mystery!

inverness sunset

inverness sunset

a really magical moment in magical scotland!

c.h.e.f andy


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