9pax Curry Chicken Noodles + Braised Duck Dinner for OPS Primary School Classmates on 13Sep2016

OPS primary school classmates came for 9pax dinner on 13.9.2016.^^

i made curry chicken noodles.

looking at my previously blog posts, i served curry chicken noodles to my RI friends-

  1. 11pax dinner on 11.3.2013 &
  2. shiok home lunch for 9pax friends on 9.3.2015.

the curry chicken noodles were good on both counts. i guess they were served in very small amounts with more of other dishes provided.

for this evening, i also had braised duck, egg taupok tau kua, tau you bak, fried leeks.

chicken & duck were good but noodles a bit disappointing, not enough soup & not spicy & tasty enough.

taupok & egg good, tau kua ok, tau you bak quite good when i took some leftovers, but last evening some parts skin were tough.

veg was not good.

we were chatting on FB afterwards, & i shared-

i used 18 dry chilli..nearly double c/w my usual nonya curry chicken..this though is like a soup NOT gravy so quantity is more than 2x usual probably 3x (my usual gravy)..i used bones from 3 chicken as stock..the soup was actually very tasty though (still) not spicy..however when noodles added taste much diluted..actually the taupok though infused & tasty seemed to take away & dilute the taste of the soup oso…so looks like got to have double the amount of soup or 1/2 the amount of noodles in order to get the taste right.

duck noodles

duck noodles

braised duck was good this evening.

i took out some noodles from the curry chicken noodle bowls & served 2 bowls of duck noodles to 2 friends.

i think duck noodles were very good.

duck noodles

duck noodles

i shared in the same FB chat-

duck noodles i think was good & yours too but you already thought soup was slightly “light” & the noodles in the duck noodles <<1/2 that in curry chicken noodles…so if i were to do 9 bowls of duck noodles it would be the same problem…

lor arh = braised duck

lor arh = braised duck

i just used ready made Tai Wah chicken marinate (大华鲁鸡汁) to braise the duck.

so just need to rub the duck inside & outside with 2 tbsp sugar, add whole bulb of peeled garlic plus cut ginger, cover & baste the duck (about 2kg from giant) for 1hr 10mins.

duck was tender & flavourful (the lor was very “pang”).

lor nerng-braised egg and tau kua

lor nerng-braised egg and tau kua

& i used that to make the lor nerng-braised egg and tau kua.

lor nerng-braised egg, taupok and tau kua

lor nerng-braised egg, taupok and tau kua

lastly cooked the taupok strips & placed over the tau kua.

tau pok was well infused & very tasty.

for tau kua i think they need to be taken with some sauce, so i should add more sauce when serving next time.

duck noodles

duck noodles

i used some of the sauce to make 2 bowls of duck noodles.

duck noodles

duck noodles

so basically the trick is to add enough soup for the noodles so taste would not be diluted=either more soup or more achievable, less noodles.

tau you bak today also not ideal.

though i have made i knew were excellent very tender tau you bak in large quantities for teban gardens & also bread of life community meals, today one piece i tried the skin was tough. though i had 2 pieces the next day & they were all good & tender.

chicken as usual was good.

i added a bit of tumeric to make it look yellow. this what the hk chefs did for the 黄姜鸡 say at crystal jade kitchen.

i deboned the chicken.

& plated it for adding onto the curry chicken noodles.

fish cakes

fish cakes

& made fish cakes.

curry chicken soup

curry chicken soup

as shared earlier, i had 18 pieces of dry chilli (& 300ml coconut milk), so colour was good, but still not spicy so i will have to add chilli padi next time.

the soup was actually very tasty, but because there were not enough for the noodles, it became quite ordinary. this part need to manage & i will have to reduce noodles to 1/2 or 1/3 for serving in future. it is difficult for me to make more soup.

it was not really a bad noodles.

but i was not worth the effort, & boiling the bones of 3 chicken for like 15hrs over 2 days.

tea & cute mooncake

tea & cute mooncake

my friends brought many things.

especially the homemade “better than outside” durian mooncake…one friend brought back for his wife daughter, the rest start announcing father, mother, son…

one brought 2 pomelos & very nice spanish melo (from australia??).

one brought nice peach.

one brought wine.

another brought orange juice.

& another the tea & cutie mooncake (above photo).

we had karaoke afterwards just connecting the pc youtube to tv. had lots of fun.

curry chicken noodles not to my satisfaction, but overall still great fun to get together with good friends & primary school classmates of 51 years from OPS.

c.h.e.f andy

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