RECIPE = Vegetarian BBQ King Oyster Mushroom on Mash CNY Day 1 on 12Feb2021

made a vegetarian “steak” for family CNY day 1 dinner

Modern European Vegetarian 11-course Dinner for Sis & Niece Family on CNY Day1 12Feb2021

same as what I did for an RI bros all vegetarian dinner

Modern European Fine Vegetarian Homegourmet on 13Jan2021

for a tasty, flavourful mash, 1 boiled a medium potato, remove skin, cut small pieces, and add to blender with 20g butter, 1-2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil, sea salt and ground black pepper. mash should be a slight viscous paste. add enough olive oil so blending is smooth.may need some shaking….

for the mushroom steak, I just cut thick slices of king oyster mushroom, soaked, marinated in tsuyu, mirin with 1 tsp sugar for 2hrs, then grilled over a portable bbq.

when serving heat up mash and mushroom steak in microwave for 40s, covered with microwavable plastic food cover, then serve mushroom steak on a dash of mash.

this dish maybe simple but absolutely delicious.

a RI bro commented-

Awesome evening! New fan of vegetarian food after tasting the wonderful dishes 

c.h.e.f andy


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