Rude, Atrocious Non Service, Mediocre Food & Astronomical Prices @ Madame Fan on 21Mar2021

had 6pax dimsum brunch alacarte buffet @ madame fan on 21.3.2021

the worst ever service in any singapore restaurant!

& starting with the manager, so the service attitude and training of the few staff was really atrocious!

the food is mediocre about 3, and service is 0..

the manager was rude and unhelpful..

.we asked if there is a physical menu as some restaurants have both..he was dismissive and said restaurant no physical menu ..

we said we scan QR but not quite sure which is the brunch alacarte buffet menu..he was unhelpful to say the least..

not even basic cheery, attentive help one gets from every server at imperial treasure fine teochew ion orchard or even ah yat grandstand..actually from any restaurants we been to…

& the bad service attitude and lack of training pervades to the other younger servers..

the young guy who took our orders was impatient we asked simple help on how large the servings and dimsum pieces and how much we should order..& which are the popular dimsum..

these are really basic questions and assistance servers in almost all eating places we go to will answer cheerfully and even warm & enthusiastically but not here..

food wise dimsum was ok not bad just mediocre about ah yat & peach garden standard at 2 to 3times the prices ..these are places we tried but don’t eat dimsum at..

& no comparison at all with imperial treasure fine teochew ion orchard or crystal jade or paradise dynasty…

cooked food were worse than dimsum…

the 迷你佛跳墙 and abalones broccoli quite good are the 2 better dishes, still maybe just average…the Chinese style beef cubes a failure no comparison with silk restaurant at sicc island and assam fish & smoked duck salad mediocre.

not a place we will go back to..

c.h.e.f andy


Madame Fan @ NCO Club


32 Beach Rd, The NCO Club, Singapore 189764



Opening Hours:


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