Nice OPS 6pax Birthday Lunch @ Leong Ji on 22Mar2021

Mabel bought 6pax OPS early birthday celebration for WM @ leong ji on 22.3.2021.^^

not sure why but didn’t refuse the treat…lol!

rojak Kang kong good every time.

birth intestines ordered medium this time double the serving from last.. I liked just as much but not everyone take this dish.

tried assam fish head ok competent.

避风塘fried chicken was tasty, LH fedback to them so this time not too salty, pretty tasty dish chicken not dry…beancurd was homemade type pretty good too.

worst dish was the yeemeen…they really can’t do yeemeen here..this was poorer than the chicken feet last least the chicken feet was tasty then.

mabel bought a chateraise birthday cake as well for WM birthday…

after lunch WM WT mabel & me went back to WM place

we all had a swell time, thanks to mabel and WM for having his birthday! lol!

we decided to go nearby old airport road for chendol @ ice.

c.h.e.f andy


Leong Ji Kitchen 


658 Punggol E, #01-10, Singapore 820658



Opening hours:


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