Modern European Fine Vegetarian Homegourmet on 13Jan2021

I started vegetarian on 初一十五with THK 2 weeks ago..

part of my underwhelming 2021 resolutions 🤣

made 8pax 8-course all vegetarian dinner for RI bros this evening on 13.1.2021.^^

modern european vegetarian 7-course menu

  1. panfried tofu on cauliflower puree
  2. potato cake on chilli crabless sauce
  3. cream of vegetables soup
  4. pumpkin arugula salad
  5. spaghetti alla nerano (zucchini pasta)
  6. funghi linguine
  7. panseared king oyster mushrooms on potato mash
  8. tofu cheesecake

dek brought a 2012 red 👍

VJ brought a red

S brought 2 reds

CCG brought begawan solo sinful delights

CWS brought cut mangoes and jackfruits

VJ said-

Awesome‼️I had such a great time. The food was superb.couldn’t stop eating. Vegetarian fine dining at its best. 👌👌

Dek said –

super vegetarian meal and great wine pairing.enjoyed the 50 years of comradeship …

CWS said-

Awesome 👍 evening! New fan of vegetarian food after tasting the wonderful dishes by Chef Andy!

thanks all for a wonderful evening.

& as VJ said-

good wine, great conversation & good company.

c.h.e.f andy


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