Wonderful Homecooked 6pax Family Korean Dinner on 25Jan2021

did homecooked family 6pax korean dinner this evening on 25.1.2021.^^

daughter SM requested for kimchi chigger and kimchi fried rice after last week’s dinner, so did the dishes again for 6pax dinner -with wife, sm, jh, wen, sl….

  1. kimchi chigae
  2. kimchi fried rice
  3. galbi – slow roast australian prime rib
  4. korean spicy belly por
  5. korean chap chye

kimchi chigger very good, and sm loved the kimchi fried rice, delicious, good wok hae…

galbi was perfection this evening…perfect texture…I slow roast 6hrs in 90degC oven then browned 10mins at 250degC…purrrfect!

super tender and flavourful!^^

made sure meat temperature was above 65degC after 6hrs slow roast and above 75degC after 10mins at 250degC super tender and flavourful

gochujang belly pork was new experiment…nothing much really, and can only be as good as gochujang dish can be…flavours quite standard…children liked it though especially jh…

my chap chye NOT aunty bes standard..

tofu cheesecake was good…I kept >1/4=really not good idea…finished it all myself…

c.h.e.f andy


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