RECIPE = Crackling Blistered Roast Pork on 8Jul2020

made roast pork (quite excellent very crackling, moist, tender & flavourful) on 8.7.2020.^^

and a few more times afterwards. 🙂

the 2 key difference in this method are-

  1. using a tuy 48pin needle cutter meat tenderiser to stab the skin, cover with layer of salt when roasting
  2. low temperature roasting – 2hrs in120degC then 15mins at 250degC

the low temperature roasting made the pork very tender and moist. and the tenderising created nice blistering…

the big difference with western preparation is that scoring only produce crackling 脆 whereas the asian method of poking the skin with the needle cutter meat tenderiser produce blistering 酥

concept is the same..whether scoring or poking with improvised fork or needle cutter meat tenderiser and roasting covered with a layer of salt, the idea is to extract moisture out and to render out the fat, so that skin can crisp and becoming crackling and when there are many small holes, blister….


  • 500g pork belly
  • 1tbsp chinese shoaling wine
  • 2-3tbsp salt


  1. add belly pork to boiling water, boil for 1 min to remove scum, remove and clean
  2. boiling pork also make it easier to pierce the skin with the needle cutter meat tenderiser…stamp thoroughly many times
  3. add chinese shoaling wine marinade and rub over the pork w/o touching the skin, leave in fridge for 3hrs, basting a few times.
  4. wrap the belly pork in aluminium foil leaving only the skin. cover skin with salt careful not to drop the salt into the foil
  5. place pork in 120degC oven for 2 hrs. remove pork and remove the salt cake.
  6. turn oven to 250degC. place pork in oven to blister the skin. 35mins.

c.h.e.f andy


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