Assam Gurami Fish Head and 重庆烤鱼Gurami Tail 6pax RI Bros Dinner on 23Dec2020

made 6pax fishy + how lian gang RI bros dinner 23.12.2020.^^

  1. prime ribs bakuteh
  2. teochew braised hock & trotters
  3. assam gurami fish head
  4. 重庆烤鱼gurami fish tail
  5. 3-egg spinach

Thanks siak for best Thai red ruby & tapioca thai dessert, CWS for yuzu cheese cake & OCH for 老油条.

Thanks SCG for organising 🙏

bkt very good everyone loved it..

ter kar very good too..OCH liked especially..


SCG caught 2 gurami 2 weeks back.i reeled in one OCH the other..

i brought back scaled(too much effort) & gutted & made the 2 dishes this evening..

actually i not so hot on gurami for me a snapper for assam or even seabass for 重庆烤鱼better

gurami maybe need to deep fry with thai sweet chilli sauce or chinese sweet sour sauce… next time catch & release lol!😀

c.h.e.f andy


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