15pax RI Bros Homecooked Dinner on 28Aug2019

10 dishes

15pax RI bros homecooked dinner

made 15pax dinner for RI bros this evening..on 28.8.2020.^^

i made 10 dishes. 🙂


  1. 白斩鸡 chicken rice
  2. braised duck
  3. braised ter kar trotters & belly pork
  4. jokbal 족발 korean chilled hock dish
  5. steamed salted fish minced pork 咸鱼饼
  6. claypot tanhoon prawns
  7. nonya sauce steamed seabass
  8. taujeon lime steamed song fish head
  9. “zhai shun” salted egg bitttergourd
  10. nonya sauce cuttlefish kang kong

all dishes were delicious.

白斩鸡, chicken rice & chilli, braised duck, teochew braised pig trotters, jokbal 족발 korean chilled hock served with mala vinegar dip, tanhoon prawns, 咸鱼饼salted fish steamed minced pork, 2 fish and 2 vegetables all great. 

and thanks to-

tai kor LCM brught extra stools and white wine & HAB alos brought extra stools

jeff brought sangria, choon hung brought yuzu choyu & YKK brought red wine

CCG brought vanishing food aka tng chang popiah

& LCJ brought rambutans.

we had a great food and wonderful time.

c.h.e.f andy


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