Recipe 4th Sharing & Demo = Prawn Tofu & Teochew Braised Belly Pork (4th Cooking Sharing @ Teban Gardens on 9Jan2019

teban gardens residents

teban gardens PPHCSC (pasir panjang hill community service centre) organised a cooking sharing session on 9.1.2019. ^^.

17 residents attended today.

i first started doing a community meal dish for teban gardens PPHCSC on 8.1.2016.

the centre was started in 2002 after much effort & challenge by our RI friend who is a pastor of pasir panjang hill brethren church (pphbc) which owns & runs the CSC.

i cooked a breakfast dish for teban gardens every friday unless i am travelling or otherwise unavailable. i did my 78th friday breakfast community meal dish at teban gardens community service centre on 28.12.2018.

teban gardens residents

this my 4th cooking sharing session. the first 3 were –

  1. hong kong stemed red garoupa on 29.4.2016
  2. steamed red garoupa, steamed minced pork and salted egg bittergourd on 5.9.2018
  3. 腊味沙煲饭 sausage claypot rice and 黄焖鸡 chinese wine chicken on 10.10.2018.

teban gardens residents

teban gardens residents

today i demo 2 dishes=

  1. prawn tofu; &
  2. teochew braised belly pork..

as before, i tried to demo dishes which they can do easily at home.

also, i planned the dishes such that the cooking could be completed and they could try the food within 1/2hr and not wait too long.

so the dishes were prepared first & heat up or putting on the finishing touches there while i explained the preparation & steps..

braised belly pork

first the braised belly pork, recipe at the bottom.

the braise recipe is my own, and i think it reproduces the very good teochew braises i had in hong kong.

important points to note are (!) texture (2) flavour – the braise must be “pang”

the technique of braising involved small amounts of thick braise (so do not add too much water for the first 1/2hr of braising) initially to infuse the flavours to the meat, while steaming the meat (coved wokpan) so it is moist and tender.

braised belly pork

cutting and presentation is the other important consideration. if the braise is to be eaten immediately, texture need not be too soft so 2hrs is about right, and cut the belly pork and serve right away.

if meat is to be served hrs later or next day, over braise it (between 2hrs and 2.5hrs), and placed in ziploc bag when cook and put in fridge or chiller. then it is easy to cut neatly. can warm up the braise and drizzle over the meat.

today the texture and braise flavours were very good, quite perfect.

frying tofu

next tofu prawns, recipe at bottom.

i used vacuum pack tofu, those that indicate they are for frying.

for today 17pax i used 2 packs so 600g.

fried tofu

fried them with little oil in non stick pan, and drained oil on kitchen towels.

stock for tofu prawns

prepared the broth. fried chopped garlic, spring onions and cut chilli padi, added intense chicken stock, 1 tbsp oyster sauce and reduced. added 1 egg, let it formed then “draw” out a bit..

fried tofu in broth

added the fried tofu to infuse.


prepared the prawns (15pieces). seasoned in fish sauce and white pepper.

tofu prawns

and the dish was ready for final preparations and serving.

tofu prawns

so when serving, added the prawns, covered the pot and boiled the stock. used chopsticks to stir, turn the prawns and immerse in the broth to cook it thoroughly. like anything else prawns need to be fully cook but not overcook.

the dish was very tasty and the flavours/aroma was wafting in the room, prawns texture was perfect too.

demo dishes

teban gardens prepared some healthy mixed brown rice and everyone was served a portion of the belly pork and tofu prawns with the rice.

the residents were very active in Q&A throughout the session. hopefully they can cook the dish for their family and enjoy the food together. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy


teochew braised belly pork 

<braising sauce for 600g belly pork

  • 3 tbsp light soy sauce
  • 1 tsp dark soy sauce
  • 1 tbsp fish sauce
  • 2 tbsp shaoxing wine
  • 1 tbsp oyster sauce
  • 1 tbsp sugar

<fry till fragrant-

  • 3 star anise
  • 1 cinnamon bark
  • 2 clove
  • 2 bay leaves
  • 1 bulb garlic cloves
  • 2cm cut ginger
  • 1/2 medium red onion
  1. braise for between 2 and 2.5hrs. check texture poke with chopsticks, if go through easily, cleanly then pork is ready.
  2. for the 1st 1/2hr add just 1/2 – 1 cup water, topping up & turning the belly pork that is to keep the marinade thick & intense to infuse the flavours.
  3. after that add water & let belly pork braise & slowly reduce to a thicker sauce, adding water as required.

Prawn tofu

  1. cut 300g tofu for frying into 12 rectangular pieces
  2. fry with little oil on nonstick pan..add some sea salt..
  3. brown the tofu on the sides
  4. Set aside on kitchen towels to drain oil
  5. fry chopped spring onions cut chiili padi chopped garlic in 1tbsp oil
  6. off fire & add intense chicken stock..add 1tbsp oyster sauce 1 tbsp cornflour and reduce over medium fire..taste the very tasty stock
  7. when serving add tofu, bring to boil & cracked 1 egg let it form then use chopstick to “draw” spread the egg..
  8. add 12 shelled deveined prawns, cover to cook the prawns..
  9. add 3cm cut scallions to garnish


Ban Leong Wah Hoe Zi Char Takeaway Quite Good on 7Jan2018

RI makan group

CM arranged zi char dinner for RI makan group on 7.1.2018. ^^

8pax attended & S joined us after dinner..great guy.👍

we decided to tapao so YW preordered the food & SCG & YF collected and brought to my place..

the guys bought dinner for pete & me 🙂

chilli crab 

i wasn’t going to take crabs..tried chilli sauce it was good & i took 1 piece crab ..good..


passed on the buns.

cereal prawns

cereal prawns ok for me..CCG said not so good probably because cold..deep fried dishes best served hot.

pepper venison 

venison surprisingly good…tender & quite a gentle tasty sauce..


mee goreng

romaine lettuce 

harjeong gae, mee goreng, romaine lettuce all quite good.

mua chee

mua chee 

CCG brought mua chee.. he bought 汤圆 last time and this time muah sweet tooth la..

tofu cheese cake 

I made a tofu cheesecake..

pepper crabs

pepper crab was good too. i didn’t take…

so overall the dishes were pretty ok la…

had wonderful time with my RI bros. pete just back from myanmar with his wife and friends & returning to london soon. he is going to kunming first for a round of golf and meeting friends. we are getting him to come back in mar to celebrate several march birthdays among RI bros.

c.h.e.f andy


Ban Leong Wah Hoe

Opening Hours:




Recipe = Prawn Tagliatelle on 5Jan2019

prawn tagliatelle

had some intense chicken stock left over.

decided to make a quick 1pax dinner on 5.1.2019. 🙂

just browned garlic cloves in olive oil. added cut chilli padi and basil. then added white wine & chicken stock and reduced. added seasoned (fish sauce & white pepper) prawns, cooked but not overcook, off fire, added tagliatelle, added a bit butter, and tossed.

totally al dente, and so very tasty la! ^^

prawn tagliatelle

prawn tagliatelle

so easy to make. 🙂

prawn tagliatelle

looked great with sweet basil garnishing, and the taste, perfecto! ^^

c.h.e.f andy

Recipe = Beef Balls and Prawn Ichiran Ramen on 1Jan2019

beef balls and prawn ramen

wife came back and i made her a simple ichiran ramen lunch..

I used 1/2 packet ichiran ramen i bought in tokyo and added beef balls from china and some prawns.

so i boiled the beef balls first to cook thoroughly then added the ramen and the prawns.

we both like ramen al dente like pasta. the instructions was 2mins 30secs to 3mins…i did 2mins 15secs which i think is the standard michine timing at ramen restaurants in japan.

unlike pasta though, ramen needed to bite through but not soft…quite subtle i guess.

beef balls and prawn ramen

the beef balls from my relatives in shantou were just wonderful…not sure if can find any in singapore. my brother said there’s a place we can buy very good ones also.

very simple 1pax dish for wife, reduced carbs. lol!

c.h.e.f andy