Ban Leong Wah Hoe Zi Char Takeaway Quite Good on 7Jan2018

RI makan group

CM arranged zi char dinner for RI makan group on 7.1.2018. ^^

8pax attended & S joined us after dinner..great guy.👍

we decided to tapao so YW preordered the food & SCG & YF collected and brought to my place..

the guys bought dinner for pete & me 🙂

chilli crab 

i wasn’t going to take crabs..tried chilli sauce it was good & i took 1 piece crab ..good..


passed on the buns.

cereal prawns

cereal prawns ok for me..CCG said not so good probably because cold..deep fried dishes best served hot.

pepper venison 

venison surprisingly good…tender & quite a gentle tasty sauce..


mee goreng

romaine lettuce 

harjeong gae, mee goreng, romaine lettuce all quite good.

mua chee

mua chee 

CCG brought mua chee.. he bought 汤圆 last time and this time muah sweet tooth la..

tofu cheese cake 

I made a tofu cheesecake..

pepper crabs

pepper crab was good too. i didn’t take…

so overall the dishes were pretty ok la…

had wonderful time with my RI bros. pete just back from myanmar with his wife and friends & returning to london soon. he is going to kunming first for a round of golf and meeting friends. we are getting him to come back in mar to celebrate several march birthdays among RI bros.

c.h.e.f andy


Ban Leong Wah Hoe

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