Excellent 18pax Family New Year Dinner by JH’s Dad on 28Dec2018

buddha jumped over the wall

JH’s dad PK invited us over for 18pax family dinner on 28.12.2018. ^^

his dad is the resident chef for a company, managing the daily meals for 100+ employees.

his dishes are restaurant standard. we came for dinner last year, so our family were all looking forward to this evening excellent dinner –

1 buddha jump over the wall
2 topshell salad
3 assam red garoupa
4 scallops with asparagus (forgot to take photo)
5 salted egg prawns
6 vinegar pork trotters (by JH’s mom)

every dish was delicious! 🙂

I contributed a braised 1/2duck, slow braised angus beef boneless short ribs, and tofu cheesecake.


the buddha jump over the wall was excellent. soup was very tasty, flavourful and with good ingredients – small abalone, fish maw, pig trotters, pig tendons, sea cucumber, thick mushrooms and chicken. SM who is quite picky, also enjoyed the soup like everyone else.

i think i will make this for family CNY dinner.

topshell salad

the topshell salad was very nice, very refreshing with a great tangy sauce, just slightly on the sweet side.

salted egg prawns

the salted egg prawns was restaurant & good zi char standard. great salted egg flavour and slight powdery texture, quite perfect!

SM said the one PK made last week was even better..anyhow this one was very good liao..

i think i will make this dish too, lazy me will only be using ready made salted egg sauce.

i didn’t take photo of the scallop dish. it was very well done. the stock was very tasty, and the scallop texture was perfect, and so was the asparagus. many restaurants & zi char made this dish, and not all can produce this standard…

i may try making this dish, but this i have less confident doing it as well…

vinegared trotters

JH’s mom KY made the vinegared trotters..it was very good too. texture was great, gelatinous and flavour was very slight vinegared and great taste and umami..

sambal red garoupa

the sambal red garoupa was very well done.

PK filleted the meat in large bite pieces and served the whole fish so it was great presentation and convenient to eat. he made the sambal sauce himself.

for lazy me i will only use ready made sauce la. lol! :-p

my braised duck

for this evening i contributed 1/2 braised duck. didn’t want to make too much food as PK would have prepared many good dishes, but 1/2 duck was just a bit too little.

duck was very tender and flavourful with the braise, one of the better braised duck i made.

my braised boneless beef short ribs

braised boneless beef short ribs (2hrs in 130degC oven) was my new experimental dish.

i made this for 13pax dinner for my RI makan group just a week ago on 20.12.2018.

it was good enough, tender and quite tasty, though the braise was still some distance form the excellent braised beef ribs at halia and at akira back.

i think i will try one with boned-in short ribs to see if i can produce a tastier version of this dish.

my tofu cheese cake

my tofu cheese cake was very good this evening. JH’s mom KY loved it.

the digestive base was just right thickness and the texture of the cake was perfect this time, not too soft, very smooth. and taste was quite fabulous, slight tangy slight sweet, light cream cheese taste with yogurt and tofu.

tofu cheese cake is a no bake cake so really easy to make & JH’s sis can easily make this anytime… 🙂

we had a wonderful evening, excellent food and afterwards we adjourned to SM’s room upstairs to have coffee chat.

a great family time together.

c.h.e.f andy



Braised Belly Pork with Long Beans – 78th Teban Gardens Community Breakfast on 28Dec2018

braised belly pork with long beans

made braised belly pork with long beans for teban gardens community breakfast this morning on 28.12.2018.^^

this my 78th friday breakfast community meal dish at teban gardens community service centre.

i first started doing a community meal dish for teban gardens CSC on 8.1.2016.

the centre was started in 2002 after much effort & challenge by our RI friend who is a pastor of pasir panjang hill brethren church (pphbc) which owns & runs the CSC.

braised belly pork

i was late in preparation becos of the 2018 Year End Celebrations 11pax RI bros Home Dinner on 27.12.2018.

started preparing after my RI bros left so decided to leave it in 130degC oven for 4hrs overnight.

the braise was ok adn flavourful, but since pork is still very warm, it was harder to cut cleanly w/o fraying. 🙂

long beans

fried long beans

i fried the long beans, then added the cut belly pork.

braised belly pork with long beans

braised belly pork with long beans

and fried them together.

braised belly pork with long beans 

added just a bit water and covered to cook the long beans.

braised belly pork with long beans

then plated in the aluminium carrier & trasnport to teban gardens.

dish was ok today but not so great.

c.h.e.f andy

2018 Year End Celebrations 11pax RI bros Home Dinner on 27Dec2018

2018 celebrations 11pax RI bros home dinner

made 11pax 2018 year end dinner for RI bros this evening on 27.12.2018-


1 chicken rice
2 1/2 braised duck
3 braised pig trotters
4 claypot liver
5 white belly pork
6 steamed salted fish minced pork
7 steamed nonya sauce tilapia
8 salted egg bittergourd
9 fried kang kong
10 fried manila clams
11 tofu cheesecake

CCG brought 汤圆..HK brought 2 mumm champagne
TKF brought a red…WL brought haagen dazz ice creams
TCH brought strawberries ….HAB brought very sweet longans

#1 白斩鸡chicken rice & #2 braised 1/2 duck

my 白斩鸡 chicken rice chicken very good standard now better than most outside. and i also made good chilli and a very good drizzling sauce.

so chicken was nothing less than excellent, but the rice today not that great..not sure why. the guys said it was ok, but of course it was distinctly not as good as before when the fragrant was so evident even before you ate it.

braised duck i had not made for many years. but today’s was excellent as well. i served 1/2 and kept 1/2 for next day dinner at my in laws place (& it was just as excellent everyone loved it just that 1/2duck was a bit little).

#3 white belly pork

i did a very good white belly pork this evening.

as i had braised hock & trotters i decided to have a different serving just plain boiled belly pork in chicken broth.

the texture was very good, taste wise of course it did not have the intensity of the braised meat, but like the 白斩鸡 chicken rice chicken, it was perfect with the chicken rice chilli.

#4 braised pork trotters

i somehow managed to forget to serve the braised hock and trotters though it was in the kitchen the whole time, until we all finished the dinner.

anyway the guys decided to just ate it, so we finished about 3/4, and CL packet home the remaining 1/4.

CK took the cabbage which was used to shield the bottom from getting burnt. braising turned connective tissues and released the flavours to very tasty collagen which was starchy, and will sticked and burnt when reheat so i placed a few cabbage before reheating to serve, and the cabbage became very tasty with the infused braises.

#5 steamed salted fish minced pork

today i made steamed minced pork with salted fish, a very traditional dish served in many zi char. quite shiok!

#6 steamed tilapia with gimson nonya sauce

my steam oven went on strike, failed on me, so i had to replate the 2 tilapia and steamed eahc separately 8 mins.

this dish is always delightful with the gimson nonya sauce. made a cheap fish with mud taste quite exquisite, as the meat was fresh and smooth and few bones and the tangy taste of the sauce combined well with the hk steam flavourful light soy sauce.

#7 claypot liver

claypot liver i seldom cook. everyone loved it. i use one and a half pieces becos i did not want to crowd the dish. after that i cooked the other 1/2 piece as the guys quite happy to have it.

#8 fried manila clams lala

the lala manila clams very good. i cooked with curry leaves and oyster sauce, and a bit of stock. timing/texture was perfect but it was easy in any case, just cover, make sure opens up and don’t overcook.

#9 fried kang kong

fried kang kong as usual..just oyster sauce, do not add water…very nice & fragrant.

#10 salted egg bittergourd

and today’s salted egg bittergourd very good.

i fried the salted egg and bittergourd first, and set aside. when serving i fried 3 eggs, let them firmed with a tasty fried layer, then added back the bittergourd and folded the fried egg over and mized. very nicely done today. ^^

tang yuan 汤圆

tang yuan 汤圆

tang yuan 汤圆

CCG brought nice tang yuan 汤圆, some with ginger sauce, some with peanut soup.

we split among the 11 of us.

#11 tofu cheesecake

tofu cheesecake

i made tofu cheese cake.

this evening it was excellent! i didn’t do this for last few years and the one i did on christmas eve was not so good. base was too thin as a different brand of digestive had different weight and 7 pieces was not the right amount, so this evening i used 9 pieces.

this time it was perfect, thicker just right base and a good mild tangy sweet smooth cake.



rock melon

haagen dazs

haagen dazs

2018 celebrations 11pax RI bros home dinner dishes

and we adjourned to the tv room for karaoke, and had fruits and ice creams. HCK the standout cantonese & chinese crooner…

a fun evening for all and a wonderful time with RI bros to celebrate 2018 and to welcome the new year.

c.h.e.f andy




Good Congee @ Empress Porridge on 26Dec2018

porridge steamboat

our RI bro CL bought 13pax congee buffet lunch @ empress porridge, leng khiang’s galaxis restaurant at fusionopolis..on 26.12.2018.^^

to celebrate his recent summitting kilimanjaro, 5895m. that was without doubt a special & crowning achievement at our age…although our friend never have enough so he is thinking of going even higher…

as before i will actively discourage him, and if he nevertheless decided, then actively support him. lol!

empress porridge

empress porridge

empress porridge is the creation and devotion of our RI friend leng khiang and his wife swee hong. 🙂

this is his second outlet..the first is in NUH…this is my first time to his porridge place.

the location itself does not appear to be a high traffic location…we were early at 11am…during lunch time there were quite a good flow of people, so the restaurant has quite a good following…

white carrot cake with sambal chilli

glutinous rice

harjeongai prawn paste chicken

leng khiang served up several complimentary dishes.

the white carrot cake was pretty good, and with tasty nasi lemak sambal chilli.

the glutinous rice was very good, very “pang” fragrant.

the harjeongai prawn paste chicken was good standard also.

porridge steamboat

porridge steamboat

CL arranged a porridge steamboat. i think it was S$15pax…

congee was delicious, very tasty…buffet included free glow of congee and set of meat and seafood.

the set was quite limited, like 1 prawn per pax, some fish, chicken and beef, and vege. it was good for many of us, since we didn’t need a heavy lunch.

and because leng khiang plied us with a lot of of other complimentary dishes, so it ended up a very filling lunch overall. 🙂

empress porridge set

the congee was excellent, and we all took more than our fair share. i think about 3 refills of congee. steamboat may seem ordinary, just adding meat to the congee, the overall combination though was most satisfying…

i would come and try separately the porridge set here sometimes.

chicken dish of the day

leng khiang also served us a complimentary dish of the day. ..the wed special ginger chicken rice  was pretty ok too.

porridge steamboat

& we ended with a christmas log cake courtesy of swee hong, who dropped by later & took a group photo with us…

afterwards we had $1.20 kopi at attap cafe around the corner. Jeff bought coffee.

c.h.e.f andy


Empress Porridge

Opening hours:

Always Shiok! Frog Porridge @ G7 Sinma on 25Dec2018

frog porridge 

after the nice 1.5hrs walk at BTNR and hindhede nature park, wife wanted to have frog porridge at G7 sinma across the road at cheong chin nam road. ^^

son came to join us..

frog porridge 

we ordered the S$22 3+2 frogs with free porridge.

it was a good deal, 5 frogs for just S$22.more importantly it was very tasty. i must try making this, not the frog but the gongbao sauce, can do with chicken equally well, or with toman, batang or other fish.


and a pot of free porridge, more than enough for 3 of us.

gongbao catfish 

we added 500g gongbao catfish. first time trying this. 鲇鱼catfish may not be the best fish, but i like it…will try out myself if i make this sauce, with other fish.

price is S$4/100g and minimum 400g so S$16 minimum order. i ordered 500g. 🙂

both frog & catfish very good!

gongbao catfish

gongbao catfish & frog

we all enjoyed this gongbao forgleg and catfish very much. 🙂

string beans 

ordered some string beans. quite ok for S$7, may not be my most preferred vege, but pretty nice.

ice jelly

S$3.50 ice jelly is refreshing ok…

bill $53 for 3pax

frog porridge

bill was S$53.40 for 3pax. less the fish it woud be like S$34. anyway we enjoyed the fish and all.

great dinner!

c.h.e.f andy



G7 Sinma Live Bull Frog Claypot Porridge (Cheong Chin Nam Rd)


AT , 599730


+65 64677317
12PM – 2.30AM

Hindhede Nature Park & BTNR on Christmas Day 25Dec2018

hindhede nature park

went with wife for  a walk at bukit timah hill BTNR….

decided to take a walk at hindhede nature park.

hindhede nature park

hindhede nature park

hindhede nature park

bukit timah quarry 

quarry view nice at hindhede park..

seems that the water level here is rising slowly as rain water cannot get out…

BTNR = bukit timah nature reserve

BTNR = bukit timah nature reserve

BTNR = bukit timah nature reserve

BTNR = bukit timah nature reserve

BTNR = bukit timah nature reserve 

south view path was closed, tree fell down due to rain.

so we took the taban loop took 35mins instead the usual 25mins to bukit timah summit..took longer coming down too 20mins instead of 15mins.

bukit timah quarry

with the slight detour to hindhede park and a slower walk bup bukit timah hill, the walk was 1.5hrs in total. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy