13pax RI Makan Group Delicious Tapas + Pasta Homegourmet Dinner on 20Dec2018

13pax makan group

pete in town again. i think this 3rd time he visited singapore from london, missing his RI bros. 🙂

i made 13pax Christmas makan group dinner on 20.12.2018. ^^

suresh came at 10.30pm after 3 dinner functions at gardens by the bay & MBS. he told me not to prepare food for him.🙂

pete brought excellent 10yr pot & too much cheese!

CCG brought nice grapes, cherries and strawberries


1 pumpkin rocket salad
2 beer can chicken
3 crackling german knuckles
4 flamed red wine belly pork
5 slow braised beef short ribs
6 baked/grilled whole red snapper with own tomato herb marinade (1st time)
7 grilled vegetables
8 vongole linguine
9 tagliatelle fruiti mare
10 funghi risotto

the bros brought all the crisps, wine etc

CL showed his flying with geese & kilimanjaro summit videos & our london/wales arsenal stadium & abba videos

homegourmet dinner dishes

i made 10 dishes. happy to report they were all good! lol! ^^

today about the only time i was late with the dishes.

all because stupid apple qcd wheelock queue system. i guess unavoidable. my appointment at 1pm and 1 finished at 3pm (just as well i arranged to have lunch with OPS bros, don’t have to wait around).

i had to go sheng shiong to buy lala for vongole linguine so got home 4pm -ish. even with the best planning & scheduling, still tight to get all dishes ready by 7pm.

late so late lor…no stresses la…

#1 pumpkin rocket salad

CCG helped me with tossing the pumpkin salad. he was great help throughout the dinner.

salad can only toss when serving, otherwise rockets will lock soft & wilted when soaked in olive oil etc for too long. for some reason it appeared that way, so i added more rockets and tossed again. and it was good.

they all loved the salad, commented many times over…

#2 beer can chicken

#2 beer can chicken

my beer can chicken now very good standard, very flavourful.

i recently picked up a new marinade recipe for chicken using lime and olive oil etc, so i had the chicken marinated in the fridge overnight..it is kind of brining..will do a recipe 2.0 later.

the same tender & moist chicken including breast meat, and very “pang” & flavourful now with the new marinade.

#3 red wine belly pork

#3 flamed red wine belly pork

#3 flamed red wine belly pork

did a flamed red wine belly pork. i created this dish after a lunch at foc.

not as good as when i did with mash and kale previously, nevertheless a very good dish.

the belly pork texture was tender but could have been more tender. the flamed bbq flavours were good.

#4 german knuckles

#4 german knuckles

the crackling german knuckles was pretty good though not my best.

i had it really crackling previously. today some parts crackling not as good.

the meat was tender & tasty, so that was good!

#5 grilled red snapper in ginger herb sauce

#5 grilled red snapper in ginger herb sauce

the baked/grilled red snapper was a new experiment.

i had a “large” 800g red snapper. the marinade was new, and also i have not done this grilling whole fish western style previously.

the fish was good, tasty and met fresh and tender…i can certainly improve on the grilling though. this time i used flaming to give it more “pengkang” look & flavours.

i had a second fish, a seabass with intention to use another marinade, but didn’t have time to prepare it. lol! 🙂

#6 slow braised boneless beef short ribs

the slow braised boneless beef short ribs was another new adventure.

i did an experiment on a 200g cut but this was like 1.2kg piece. 🙂

slow braised boneless beef short ribs

CCG could see i was quite pleased with the texture and taste.

it was very tender piece and also very tasty..i am not fully satisfied though as it was still quite far from the flavourful braised beef at akira back or at halia. maybe i will experiment with boned short ribs instead.

#7 grilled vegetables

#7 grilled vegetables

i actually had plans for grilled sweet potatoes, sweet corn and potatoes. those would take 30mins in the oven, but i just didn’t have time to do.

the grilled vegetables were very good – red & yellow peppers, zucchini and portobello mushrooms. CL especially liked the portobello mushrooms. 🙂

#8 tagliatelle fruit mare

the pasta this evening were all fabulous!

that’s the going standard for my pastas these days, perfect al dente & very tasty sauce fully infused.

#8 tagliatelle fruit mare

#8 tagliatelle fruit mare

& of the fruiti mare also, the prawns & sotong were just the right texture, succulent and tasty.

YF mentioned that the squid were so large pieces here, you have to fish around for them when you eat outside. not exactly la…must bring YF to nice italian restaurants in singapore…there are now too many…

#9 vongole linguine

#9 vongole linguine

#9 vongole linguine

the vongole linguine was very good too, same al dente and la la done just right perfect texture…

for vongole i did not use chicken stock so just white wine reduction. i asked my friends which pasta they prefered. they like both as vongole had its unique taste which i did not want to overwhelm with stock, but i guess overall, fruit mare was tastier but different.

funghi risotto

funghi risotto

i liked the funghi risotto this evening. i had not done this for a really long time, like a few years.

it was perfectly al dente. the mushroom flavours were intense and tasty. everyone liked the risotto except SCG and Kiok preferred softer more cooked rice. SCG has lactose intolerance so someone suggested and i did a small portion w/o butter. rest of us all like the one with butter.

CCG brought cherries strawberries

CCG brought cherries strawberries

CCG brought grapes

CCG brought sweet strawberries, large and sweet cherries and grapes.

pete brought excellent pot

pete brought excellent 10yr pot to go with cheese.

pete brought cheese

petes cheese platter

petes cheese platter

not so many cheese takers among our group. i cut 1/2 but it was much already.

i enjoyed the cheese and the pot too, but really i could only take a few sips.

funghi risotto

we gathered after dinner for the fruits, cheese & pot, and CL shared with us photos of his conquest of kilimanjaro (a true feat at our age), and his other treat of flying with geese in southern france.

we had a wonderful time together…pete is off to myanmar and we will meet for makan when he returned.

c.h.e.f andy



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