Good Chicken Laksa @ Yum Mee and Fa Ji Kovan Food Centre on 21Dec2018

chicken laksa at kovan food centre

went to pick up 5x1kg frozen prawns from causeway pacific.

picked up LKY on the way & we went to try out the 2 “curry chicken noodles” at kovan food centre…

turned out they were chicken laksa ie they used laksa gravy…quite good but no comparison with ah heng’s real curry chicken noodles at hong lim..

I took like 1/3 of the noodles or maybe 1/2 🙂

fa ji minced meat fishball noodles

i went to queue at fa ji and lky went to queue at yum mee.

they processed quite fast actually for the queue so about 10mins.

fa ji chicken laksa

i ask the stall lady, and she replied that they used the same gravy for laksa. so not reall the curry chicken noodles we knew la. 🙂

i think my fa ji chicken laksa was tastier, maybe very slight difference.

it was good tasty laksa, and the chicken was good unlike some “curry chicken noodles” which are unedible chicken and gravy!

BUT, no comparison la with ah heng curry chicken noodles!

didn’t finish my carbs

I took like 1/3 of the noodles or maybe 1/2 🙂

yum mee chicken laksa

yum mee chicken laksa more of the same. i think fa ji was a bit more intense and tastier.

yum mee curry chicken noodles

will take these if i happen to be here.

but not make a special trip like i would for ah heng curry chicken noodles.

c.h.e.f andy


Opening Hours:
closed Wed

Opening Hours:

closed Mon

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