Good Pho and Salad @ Nam Nam Wheelock Place on 23Dec2018

lunch with wife daughter

went to qcd wheelock to collect my iphone6. first thing got my queue number. it looked like another 1hr+ wait.

wife & daughter came along. so we decided to go nam nam at B2 for lunch. duaghter bought lunch today.

S$8.90 chicken pomelo salad

S$8.90 chicken pomelo salad

we ordered a chicken pomelo salad.

it was good. pomelo very sweet, and chicken done nicely.

S$11.90 australian beef combination pho

we shared a pho and banh mi…all carbs…lol!

pho was good, soup. rice noodles, beef etc. nothing specail though and for me quite ex.

S$9.90 banh mi

banh mi was below par for me…

i had the best banh mi at banh mi phuong in hoi an on 22.12.2015

and my first time having banh mi, and it was a very good one, was at bricklane market london on 17.5.2015. lol! ^^

i guess kind of academic, the best banh mi also not that hot for me la.

S$4.50 vietnamese coffee

coffee i also think very ex at S$4.50

S$11.90 australian beef combination pho

the pho and pomelo chicken salad were nice.

for me i guess i not excited with all these pho, ramen, banh mi stuff so i won’t pay for this myself. daughter buying quite ok la…lol!

c.h.e.f andy


Nam Nam @ Wheelock B2


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