OK Food Good Chope Discounts @ Jones the Grocer on 21Dec2018

S$29 4hr slow braised pork ribs

my RI bro CL arranged a post kluang dinner with QTC and his cell group who organised the recent kluang missionary trip 7-9.12.2018.

CL made some effort seeking out the best deal and also bought the chope 35% offpeak vouchers.

QTC’s 86yr mom, a sprightly and cheerful lady who went along for the kluang trip, also joined dinner.

It was also an occasion for CM, mei mei & her hubby EH birthday celebrations. all happy things coming together. 🙂

S$21 buddha bowl salad

i had a bit of lunch today so i decided to share a vegetarian salad with WL.

it was good, a nice salad.

S$29 seafood risotto

the seafood risotto came with squid rings. looked quite good. 🙂

S$29 spicy seafood linguine

i must the seafood linguine didn’t look too impressive in terms of presentation, quantity or ingredients. i guess it was tasty and that was ok.

S$29 atlantic salmon

for me, the salmon looked below par. first thing missing, a well done pan-grilled crispy skin.

this salmon though came w/o skin so perhaps it was poached, though it did look grilled.

QTC’s mom ordered a fish and chips for herself. i didn’t take a photo. 🙂

S$29 wagyu burger

wagyu burger should be good.

presentation? they seemed to inverse the burger? is that an inventive way? it hid the ingredients. somehow the presentation didn’t look attractive to me.

jones the grocer

jone is also a grocer. the christamas decor aded to the ambience.

hey, sweet thing

lemon tart


apple crumble

we also had several orders of dessert – lemon meringue tart, apple crumble with ice cream etc. 🙂

jones the grocer

they really know coffee?

& they certainly have something to say about coffee.

i had a flat white. quite average.


birthday cakes

CL asked about cakeage earlier, and decided to just order 3 slices of cakes from jones for the 3 birthday boys & girls. make sense too. we didn’t need to eat dessert & then cakes.

bill for 11pax came to about $516nett. jones was nice enough to let us top up to S$600 by buying their groceries. so with 35% off peak chope discounts. so we paid S$390 for S$600 vouchers and if dinner only is taken into account, the just S$335 inclusive drinks, quite a good deal la! ^^

QTC initiated a round the table debrief of the kluang mission trip, so it was a great sharing session on top of the food, company & fellowship. ^^

c.h.e.f andy


Jones the Grocer @ Dempsey


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